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Alzheimers Cure & Cause



No humans have ever consumed such a large quantity of calories in sugar and fat and food that has little or no nutritional value.  At the core, Alzheimer’s arises from unprecedented oxidative stress and inflammation which, in turn arise from our diet.  These same destructive conditions also cause coronary heart disease which is the number one cause of death.  Our average per person consumption of sugar is an astonishing 160 pounds annually!  We all know how big a 5 pound bag of sugar is.  Imagine eating 32 of those every year – year in and year out.  That’s 2 1/2  5 pound bags every month which is almost a half pound of sugar every single day!  The human body did not evolve over the last 100,000 years eating even 1/1,000 of that amount and so our bodies are ill equipped to handle it.  Disease is the result.  We can absolutely protect our self from Alzheimer’s and heart disease and also dementia and serious cognitive impairment as we grow older.  Let’s examine the essential factors:


We eat over 160 pounds of different types of sugars each year.  This is totally insane.  One out of every three children in the USA will grow up to be diabetic.  This extreme sugar intake is the cause.  Sugar consumption, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and high blood glucose are all solidly connected with Alzheimer’s. Sugar causes the brain to destruct.



We are by far that most obese country on this planet and it is getting worse every year.  The more fat you carry the greater the odds that you will get every known disease including Alzheimer’s.  It is easy to eat all you want without ever being hungry and lose weight if you make the right food choices.

Metabolic syndrome, high blood glucose and insulin resistance

These are the result of eating so much sugar.  Our blood glucose goes up and our insulin stops being effective. We continue to produce more insulin to compensate. This over production of insulin (hyperinsulemia) delivers us to full-on diabetes.  This includes sucralose, stevia and all other sugar substitutes.


Saturated Animal Fats and Alzheimer’s

40 percent of the calories we eat come from fat.  This should be no more than 10 to 20 percent and only from oils that come from the vegetable kingdom.  Over consumption of fat is a major contributing factor in Alzheimer’s as it is with most other degenerative diseases.

Eating Too Much

In the USA we eat twice as many calories as we actually need. We eat enough food to sustain two people.  We eat constantly.  We now have fast food sugar and grease stations down every street.  No one eats more than Americans.  Make more intelligent researched food choices and you can eat as much as you desire and never be hungry.

Alzheimer’s and Hormonal Imbalance

Was a person passes 40 years of age, their hormone production degenerates.  Women have about 15 basic hormones and men about 12. 

More Exercise

No one walks anywhere anymore.  How many folks do you personally know that frequent a gym or have any exercise equipment (that they use) in their home?  Even walking everyday is a very effective preventative.

Destructive Habits

Caffeine is a wildly popular psychotropic drug consumed worldwide and it is extremely addictive.  While we don’t put away as much alcohol as the Russians, we do try hard.  Tobacco still has its tentacles in us – 1 in 3 smoke.  Long term use of prescription drugs degrade our health in many unseen ways. No other culture takes as many prescription drugs – all highly toxic – as Americans.  These synthetic poisons are dangerous and cause multitudes of diseases with cognitive impairment among them.  The #4 killer in the USA is prescription drugs according to a study that was reported in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association).  See the home page of this site for more info.

Oxidative Stress and Alzheimer’s

This refers to the ravages of free radicals on our bodies.  We are being overwhelmed by these.  Free radicals are the result of our lifestyle and diet.  It is not sufficient to take antioxidant supplements such as vitamin C, lipoic acid and melatonin.  By themselves they will not compensate for lack of exercise and bad diet.

Mineral Deficency

Every person is deficient in minerals no matter how proper their diet.  This is largely due to our devitalized and worn out soils.  Deficiency of minerals is one of the main causes of all diseases known to man.


Citizens of the USA are undernourished and overfed.  While we may eat twice as many calories as we need, there is little or no nutritional value in the food we consume.  We eat 8 times the fat we need and twice as much protein as we need but we are getting few nutrients.  We are lacking in vitamins, lignans, sterols and minerals. 

Aluminum and Alzheimer’s

Persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s have large quantities of aluminum in their brains.  There is some aluminum in our bodies and blood because aluminum is present in very tiny amounts in our soil and food.  It is fortunate that most aluminum cookware is now used as a base for non-stick Teflon.  However we still make use of aluminum foil which is not good.  The bulk of the aluminum that finds its way into our bodies comes from underarm body deodorants that contain aluminum and baking powder (but not baking soda).  Read labels carefully.  Do not eat or absorb any more aluminum.

Emotional and Mental Stress and Alzheimer’s

The price we pay for being the most productive and affluent culture on this planet is stress.  We are carrying the burden of considerable stress.  Stress kills better than anything.  Humans have never been subjected to as much stress as today in this modern society.

We have to make a choice.  We can end up being a vegetable that breathes wasting away in a nursing home after our “loved ones” commit us.  Or we can protect ourselves from Alzheimer’s and other manifestations of dementia.  Real wealth is health.  Lifestyle is the secret to a long pain-free life.


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