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Autoimmune Disease Causes and Symptoms



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Autoimmune diseases are all manifestations of the same root cause.  In one individual it appears as lupus and in another it appears as arthritis.  Here is a partial list of these sibling diseases.

Crohn’s disease


Diabetes type 1

Inflammatory arthritis


Multiple sclerosis

Pernicious anemia



Psoriatic arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis



Ulcerative colitis



In parts of the world that eat a starched based diet (little or no animal products) autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis are rare to non-existent.  These include much of Asia, Africa and rural parts of South America. When persons from these cultures migrate to the west and assume the rich high fat processed western diet, they will also suffer from these same chronic diseases. This rules out genetics as the cause of these diseases.

Autoimmune Disease Cause

Autoimmune diseases are caused by the presence of animal proteins that have passed directly into the blood stream. These foreign proteins are “leaked” into the blood stream through the small intestines.  This is called leaky gut syndrome.  In a healthy small intestine, the villi (small microscopic little fingers that line the inside of the small intestine and absorb nutrients) are capable of filtering the nutrients that are absorbed.  They are remarkably intelligent and can adjust absorption of nutrients according to the body’s needs.  For example, should the body have too much iron, the villi will know to stop absorbing so much iron.  Or they may increase the absorption of other nutrients as needed.  When the villi become damaged, they lose their ability to know what to absorb and what not to absorb.  They can become damaged by a virus, poor diet or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprophen.  These medicines can severly damage the delicate villi and so these pain medications should be avoided.  Use aspirin instead.  When the villi are damaged, animal proteins from meat, eggs and dairy products, can be absorbed directly into the blood before they can be broken down or eliminated.  The body’s immune system sees these proteins as foreign and creates antibodies as the first step in eliminating them.  The antibodies are unique for different proteins and latch onto the foreign protein like a key in a lock.  In other words, the body sticks a red flag on the invaders to mark them for elimination.  The body’s immune system components will then recognize and consume the foreign animal proteins.  If we are continuously flooding the body with these foreign animal proteins, the body manufactures more and more antibodies.  Unfortunately, the foreign animal proteins are identical to the proteins in our own body because we are also animals.  The flooding antibodies begin to latch onto proteins in our own body and our immune system begins to attack our own body.  This attack can surface in different ways in different people.  It can be an attack on the joints (arthritis) or the colon (ulcerative colitis) or the protective sheath (myelin) of the cells in the nervous system (multiple sclerosis).  It might surface as lupus or psoriasis.  Type 1 diabetes is caused when our immune system attacks the pancreas.  You can watch a fascinating presentation by Dr. McDougall in which he explains the whole process, with pictures and videos, in clear language for laymen.   Click here to watch Dr. McDougall


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