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Candida Causes and Symptoms



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Candida Symptoms

In our western culture Candida or systemic (all pervading) yeast infection has become nearly epidemic.  Symptoms of candid are numerous even to the point of rendering a person incapable of functioning normally.  Most who have Candida are not aware that they have it because most traditional doctors have not education regarding this.  Because the symptoms are so vast, it is difficult to pin down and this makes diagnosis difficult.  Patients are told they are hypochondriacs or that they have a stress problem or are referred to a psychiatrist.  Symptoms of Candida often vary widely from one person to the next.  In individual persons it can and does often migrate from one part of the body or one body system to another.  On one day you might have symptoms in joints and muscles and the next day chronic fatigue.

Candida Albicans is the species usually responsible.  It is naturally occurring in the body and normally maintains a harmony with numbers of other bacteria and organisms.  Symptoms and distress develop when the natural balance of bacteria in the body is upset.  This allows the Candida yeast to become overly productive.  It typically lives in the mouth, throat, intestines and genitals but it can make holes in the intestinal walls allowing it to dump directly into the blood stream and then on to any of the organs in the body.  To complicate this, the Candida Albicans manufactures over seventy separate bio-toxins which are released into the body.  It gets even worse if the patient becomes allergic to the yeast. If the over proliferation of yeast remains for some time, allergies to the yeast are almost certain to occur.  Once the yeast takes root throughout the body, it produces many common illnesses, syndromes, conditions and maladies.  Here are some of the common Candida symptoms:

Anxiety and panic attacks

Acid reflux


Alcohol cravings

Athlete’s foot

Chronic pain


Craving for sweets

Decreased sex drive



Difficulty learning


Ear aches



Fragrance and sensitivity to fragrances and chemicals

Foggy headedness and lack of concentration

Gas and bloating

Headaches including migraines





Itching rectum

Memory loss

Mood swings

Muscle weakness

Pre-menstrual syndrome

Recurring cough

Sinus inflammation

Sore throat



Vaginal yeast infection is very well known.  Yeast skin rashes and thrush are two more fairly common yeast conditions.  It is thought that overly abundant yeast contributes to anxiety disorders. Irritable bowel syndrome, alcoholism, asthma, Addison’s disease, chemical allergies, Cohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia, attention deficit disorder, prostatitis, endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, undiagnosed muscle and joint pain, asthma, depression, digestive problems, reoccurring urinary tract infections, psoriasis, hormonal imbalances, lupus, migraines, chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, Tourette’s, and much more. 

To find out if you have a systemic yeast infection, purchase a copy of a book written by Dr. William Crook M.D. book called The Yeast Connection.  In there is a detailed questionnaire to determine if you have an overgrowth of candida.

Candida Causes

The two leading causes of Candida yeast infections are a diet with a lot of sugar and refined foods and excessive use of antibiotics.  High fructose corn syrup is very abundant in western corporate food.  Some call HFCS “cancer in a can” because cancer cells also feed on sugar.

Avoid taking antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary.  Antibiotics have been grossly over prescribed by doctors because they are under pressure to provide some sort of treatment to patients with cold and flu symptoms.  Colds and flu are viral and do not respond to antibiotics.  Not wanting to send the patient home empty handed, antibiotics are prescribed.  Taking acidophilus every day is one of the best ways to avoid yeast infections.

In most cases, treatment for Candida will temporarily amplify symptoms due to a condition called “die off.”  The bodily systems can be overwhelmed with dead yeast plants.


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