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Getting Protein With a Plant-Based Vegan Diet


To realize why a plant-based, starch-based, vegan diet consisting of whole foods is the most powerful medicine available to us, we must begin by understanding that plant foods are by far the most abundant sources of nutrition on this planet. Animal foods pale in comparison. In spite of the propaganda that is drilled into us day in and day out, animal foods are not good sources of essential fats, vitamins, amino acids, protein, calcium or minerals.

Essentially, nutrients are the raw building blocks our bodies need to function correctly and to grow properly. Generally speaking, nutrients are of two types - those that are made by the body and the ones that can be gotten only from food. Those in the second category are referred to as "essential" nutrients because they must be provided in the foods we eat to maintain proper health.

Today we know of 13 essential vitamins and 11 of these are found in great abundance in plant foods. Two are not found in plant foods and these are vitamins B12 and D. Sunshine provides all the vitamin D we need if we get 15 minutes of sun daily. Vitamin B12 is available as a supplement. Both of these vitamins are stored in our body tissues for a long time.

Watch the following short clip with Dr. John McDougall, MD - about 3 minutes - to understand more about a plant-based, starch-based diet and protein.

Animal Foods Have Little Nutritional Value

Animal foods simply do not come close when compared to plant foods in delivering cancer-fighting compounds and immune-boosting substances starting with the antioxidant vitamins beta-carotene, C and E. Foods derived from animals are either very low in antioxidants or have none whatsoever. In addition plant foods deliver a broad spectrum of minerals, vitamins and other substances known to promote health. Animal foods tend to provide concentrated quantities of single nutrients such as calcium or protein while being lacking in many others.

Scientists are now discovering powerful substances called phytochemicals which protect us from heart disease, cancer and a long list of other debilitating diseases. These are found only in plant foods. Plant foods are also the main source of all minerals required by the body. It is an obvious fact that all minerals are originally derived from the soil and these make their way into the food chain via plants. Animal foods get all of their minerals originally from plants or they eat other animals that have eaten plants. And there’s more! Plants are the only way to get fiber in our diet which binds in our intestines with disease causing hormones, environmental pollutants, cholesterol and fat, removing these dangerous substances from our bodies. Fiber also quickens the amount of time it takes food to pass through the intestines and this promotes healthy bowel movement. Fiber is one of the main substances that will protect us from cancer and this is especially true of cancers in the breast and large intestine.

All The Protein You Need – Without The Meat

There is a lot of confusion regarding protein and as a result it is one of the most abused substances in our food supply. The first thing we need to realize is that protein is found in all plant foods. It is a fact that plants can easily deliver all the protein we will ever need.

The second important thing to understand is that all plants have complete proteins. This means they all have the essential amino acids from which all proteins are made. Therefore, a diet consisting of plant foods alone will give us all the proteins as well as all the amino Vegan diet protein sources 1acids we will ever need. Ponder this deeply: the largest most powerful animals on the planet eat plant foods only. This includes horses, giraffes, apes, rhinoceroses and many others. Plants give them all the protein they need to grow massive powerful bodies.

The World Health Organization suggests that children, women and men should derive 5% of their calories from protein. They recommend that pregnant women should get 6%. As you will see from the list on the left, it is virtually impossible to be malnourished with regards to protein while eating a plant based diet.

We Are Eating Too Much Protein

The unfortunate truth is Americans are eating 6 to 10 times more protein than is needed. This excessive overload of protein creates a great burden for the kidneys and liver causing damage and organ enlargement. Overconsumption of protein causes the kidneys to extract large amounts of calcium from the body (to nuetralize the excessive acid - amino acids) and this causes bones to become weak and stones to form in the kidneys. The countries who consume the most dairy have the highest hip fracture rate.

Medical researchers have discovered that animal proteins are uniquely damaging to the body because a large portion of their amino acids contain sulfa, which is especially toxic to the kidneys and liver. It is standard medical practice that once kidney or liver disease is present, the patient is advised to eat a low-protein diet and one that is especially low in proteins from animal foods. When the dietary consumption of protein is reduced kidneys become stronger and are healed in many cases.

Americans have unfortunately developed a love affair with animal foods but at great cost to our health. This is producing a lot of suffering.


In the following 3 minute video, we see why eating vegetables alone won't work.  Starches are necessary.



What We Need Are Starches

Starches are the main source of fuel for our bodies. Only starches will give the necessary energy for red blood cells and specific kidney cells. Starches are the preferred fuel for the entire central nervous system and this includes the brain. In contrast, fat is a secondary energy source which can be utilized by some tissues such as muscle but more frequently the body stores it so that it can be used in case of famine.

Nature designed human beings to crave starches and other sweet-tasting foods. This is evident by the fact that the tips of our tongues taste sweetness causing us to seek out fruits, vegetables and starches. These give us both maximum nutrition and energy. In contrast, carnivorous animals taste amino acids on the tip of their tongues. Carbohydrates have a unique mixture of nutrition, energy and sweet-flavor which helps regulate our hunger reflex. If you do not eat enough carbohydrates, you will always be hungry and searching for food.

Eggs and meat products have no carbohydrates and most dairy products are lacking in carbohydrates. As an example, cheese has only 2% carbohydrate. This is the main reason that persons living on a diet high in animal foods are never satisfied and begin to eat compulsively.

Unprocessed plant foods such as corn, yams, brown rice, broccoli, squash and apples are very high in carbohydrates. In fact, they give us abundant complex carbohydrates. These are sugars which exist in long chains which are harmoniously blended with other plant matter. The intestine must break down these long sugar chains before they can be processed for use as fuel. The body’s way of digesting these complex sugars is methodical and slow which gives a constant stream of fuel pouring into our bloodstream. We experience this as long-lasting energy.

On a starch-based carbohydrate diet, approximately 70 to 90% of our calories are gained from eating complex carbohydrates. Most people on this diet describe elevated levels of vigor, vitality and endurance. We should note that all endurance athletes who win, concentrate on carbohydrates. They not only do this before the race but all throughout the year.

This page was adapted from an article by Dr. John McDougall.  Do a web search for his name.  He has much more information about eating a starch based diet and the effect in curing many diseases.  He has great videos and books. 


Gladiators were vegans as discussed in this 3 minute video.  They were vegans because that is the diet that gave them more endurance.



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