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Frequent Urination Causes and Symptoms




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Frequent Urination Symptoms

Frequent urination suggests having to pee more frequently than normal. Urgent urination is usually an immediate, powerful desire to urinate, as well as discomfort with your bladder.

A frequent urge to go to the bathroom during the night is referred to as nocturia. Most individuals will sleep for six to eight hours without the need to urinate. Middle aged and elderly men frequently get up to go to the bathroom early in the morning.

Frequent Urination Causes

Collectively, urgent and frequent urination are generally traditional indications of a urinary tract infection. Less frequently it is caused by prostate problems, pregnancy and diabetes.  

Other causes include:


 Enlarged prostate

 Interstitial cystitis

 Medicines such as diuretics

 Overactive bladder syndrome

 Prostatitis (infection of the prostate gland)

 Stroke and other brain or nervous system diseases

 Tumor or mass in the pelvis

 Urinary incontinence


Less frequent causes:

 Bladder cancer

 Bladder dysfunction

 Radiation treatments towards the pelvis, utilized to treat specific types of cancer

Drinking excessively before going to bed, particularly caffeine or alcoholic beverages, might cause recurrent urination at night. Frequent urination can also just simply manifest as a habit.

Frequent Urination Home Care

Adhere to the treatment suggested by your current physician to help remedy the actual reason behind your urinary frequency or urgency. It could be useful to keep a journal of instances and quantities of urine generated to take with you to your physician.

In some instances, you might encounter some bladder control problems for a length of time. You may want to do something in order to safeguard your bedding and clothing.

When you should Contact a Health Practitioner about Frequent Urination

Phone your physician without delay if:

You have temperature, side or back pain, nausea, or trembling chills

You have elevated hunger or thirst, tiredness, or abrupt loss of weight

Additionally phone your physician if:

You have urinary urgency or frequency, but you're not expecting a baby and you are not consuming abnormal quantities of liquids

You have urinary incontinence or have changed your way of life as a result of your symptoms

You have cloudy or bloody urine

There is a discharge from the vagina or penis

What to Anticipate from your Appointment

Your medical provider normally takes a health background and will do a physical exam. Health background questions might include:

When did the elevated urinary frequency begin?

How often on a daily basis are you currently urinating?

Is there more repeated urination in daytime or during the night?

Do you produce an increased volume of urine?

Has there been a general change in the coloration of your urine?

Does it seem darker, lighter or cloudier than normal? Have you detected any blood?

Do you experience discomfort when urinating, or a burning feeling?

Do you have other sorts of symptoms? Heightened thirst? Discomfort in your mid-section? Soreness in your back? Temperature?

Do you have difficulties starting up the stream of urine?

Are you consuming more liquids than normal?

Have you had a recent infection of the bladder?

Are you expecting a baby?

What prescription drugs are you currently taking?

Have you experienced any urinary problems in the recent past?

Have you just lately modified what you eat?

Do you consume drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine?

Tests which might be performed include:


Urine sensitivity and culture tests

Cystometry (a way of measuring the pressure in the bladder)


Neurological assessments (for analyzing urgency issues)

Ultrasonography (for instance a pelvic ultrasound or an abdominal ultrasound)

Treatment solutions are dependent upon the reason for the urgency and frequency. Antibiotics as well as prescription medication could possibly be recommended by doctors to minimize the distress, as required.

Prevention of Frequent Urination


For night time urination, stay away from drinking too many liquids prior to going to bed, especially coffee, or other beverages with caffeine and alcohol.

Frequent Urination Alternative Names

Urinary frequency, urgency or urgent urination.

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