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Guggul Gum



Guggul gum is useful in lowering cholesterol, losing weight, treating acne, stimulating thyroid activity, relieving pain and inflammation and treating osteoarthritis.

Guggul gum is a centuries old ayurvedic remedy from India and used by other herbal traditions in the Middle East.  It is sometimes known as Guggulipid, Guggulow, Guggulipid and Commiphora mukul.

Guggul is a thorny tree that is small in stature.  It is common to the Indian plains and the Middle East.  It is mostly leafless and excretes a sticky, thick resin that has been prized by Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as a treatment for acne, arthritis, obesity, inflammation and blood fat.  Two compounds derived from guggul, guggulipids and guggulsterones, are extracted from the gummy resin and these are the most widely prescribed medications in India for treating high cholesterol.  There has been much research done in India on guggul. The resin excreted by the guggul tree is much like myrrh and it has traditionally been used in the same fashion as myrrh.  Guggul is usually put into a capsule or tablet and sometimes a liquid extract.  It is not often taken as a tea.

Active ingredients:  guggulipids, guggulsterones and myrrhanol A. 

Guggul gum is doing well at living up to its traditional medicinal applications.  Many studies in India have demonstrated that gugulsterones stimulate the thyroid gland and this may explain, at least in part, why guggulsterone is every bit as effective in reducing one’s cholesterol numbers as the most common pharmaceutical drugs.  Medicines made from guggul gum are also as effective in lowering inflammation and reducing pain as ibuprofen.   It is as efficient in stopping infection in acne as tetracycline.  Still more research has demonstrated that myrrhanol A, a triterpene distilled from guggul gum, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and significantly lowers pain and provides increased mobility for those who suffer from osteoarthritis.

Guggul gum precautions

The FDA has rated guggul gum as GRAS or general regarded as safe.  Those who have liver conditions or irritable bowel syndrome should be cautious if other prescription drugs are being prescribed particularly statins (used to lower cholesterol), St. John’s Wort or acetaminophen.  Guggul gum should not be used during pregnancy. 

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