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Heart Disease and Diet



It is commonly understood that the number one epidemic afflicting persons who live in the USA is heart disease. There are approximately 1.25 million heart attacks every year in the United States. About half of these victims are dead before they ever make it to the hospital. These dreaded statistics are worthy of our most serious attention.

Blockage of the arteries that provide blood supply to the heart muscles is the most widespread type of heart disease. We refer to these blockages as atherosclerosis and they are the result of plaques forming on the inside of the walls of the arteries. When we consume rich foods saturated with cholesterol and fats we are causing these plaques to form. Heredity is something to consider but it should not be given excessive importance because half the population will most likely develop heart disease. In addition, there is nothing we can do about heredity.

When the heart muscle arteries become blocked, we feel pain due to an insufficient flow of nutrients, blood, and oxygen to the heart muscle. When the blood supply is shut off suddenly and can no longer reach the heart muscle, then we may experience the death of part of the heart muscle. This normally occurs as the result of a clot blocking an artery. When this obstruction occurs, the pain is excruciating. Some have described it as feeling like an elephant sitting on their chest.

A diet that is low in fat should be started right away after a heart attack occurs in order to improve the circulation of the blood the heart muscle. This improvement will be dramatic even in the first 24 hours as the decreased fat intake will allow blood to flow more freely. As a result of eating rich fat-laden foods, fats will go into the bloodstream from the intestines coating the blood cells. This causes them to clump or stick together. This "sludging" prevents the normal flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the heart muscle. Within hours of switching over to a starch-based diet, chest pain lessens or disappears, blood flow is increased and the oxygen level of the blood goes up. This is all due to decreasing our intake of fat and oil. It should be noted that the main reason for angioplasty and bypass surgery is to relieve chest pain. Neither of these invasive procedures will really save lives in the long run. When the chest pain has disappeared or is at least tolerable, there is no longer any need for these surgeries. It is a welcomed coincidence that the same low-fat diet that brings relief from chest pain is the same low-fat, cholesterol diet that promotes healing in our ailing arteries by reversing the process of atherosclerosis.

After we have changed our diet in this way, the drugs that were given to us to relieve chest pain should be decreased slowly and then stopped altogether as soon as possible.

We should clearly understand what our chest pain is trying to say, "You are at the edge of dying from a disease of poor diet!" Your poor heart is begging with every twist of pain for relief from the fat, lard and oil you are shoveling into your stomach with spoon and fork, or your greasy fingers three or more times every day. Have you taken notice as to how the pains in your chest worsen after stuffing down a fat-filled meal? Or eaten a juicy thick steak?

Change over to a starch-based diet immediately! If you are one of the few cases where diet is not sufficient, then use drugs to get relief from the pain in your chest. If these all fail, you might consider surgery realizing that it's only goal is to relieve the awful pain thus allowing you to continue to function normally in your daily life. Heart disease requires that you exercise all of the skills and cautions that you have ever learned or have ever heard about. You must be a rational person trying to take charge of your own health. When you consult with medical practitioners regarding your diseased heart, never forget that you are dealing with big money and big business. In too many cases, bypass surgeons and cardiologists are seasoned salespersons who will gain substantial amounts of money and this drives their sales pitch.

If you are currently taking medication for chest pain and you are about to begin or have already begun a plant-based, starch-based, whole foods, no oil diet then you should ask yourself if you really need to continue taking angina medication. If there have been no chest pains in recent history, then your doctor may cut the dose for your medications and patches especially if you have experienced dizziness or weakness and your blood pressure has been low.

This piece was adapted from an article by Dr. John McDougall M.D. you can read the original article by doing a search for "McDougall heart disease." Dr. McDougall has wonderful videos and books describing the miraculous healing process that occurs when one adopts a starch-based diet. You can also go to www dot drmcdougall dot com.


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