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Heart Disease and Milk



Clinical studies have proven that drinking milk and consuming dairy products will increase your chances of developing heart disease. Dairy foods contain lactose which is indigestible and casein (milk protein) which has been proven to cause cancer (see the DVD Forks Over Knives). These are proven facts which have been extensively documented in prestigious medical journals around the globe. In England, at the University of Manchester, a clinical study was performed which revealed that drinking milk will elevate your blood pressure (International Journal of Cardiology v.33, 1991).  High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, has reached epidemic proportions in almost all countries. It is the most common and pervasive of all medical ailments. You can cure high blood pressure naturally. This study produced a chart illustrating the rate of death from artery and heart disease as it relates to the consumption of milk and dairy products. Consuming dairy and milk, worldwide, was clearly and directly related to deaths from coronary heart disease.

There was also a very good chart tracking 21 countries and showing how much dairy products and milk they consumed. The consumption was correlated to the rate of death from heart disease by age group. For example, in Finland, citizens consume approximately 38 grams of proteins from dairy products each day. The Finns suffer from a very high incidence of death from coronary heart disease each year. This is compared to the Japanese who consume a small 4 grams of dairy products each day. As a result, the rate of death for coronary heart disease in Japan is about one ninth the rate in Finland. When you examine the chart, every European nation is at the top of the list for dairy consumption and heart disease of every variety with no exceptions. 1747 senior Finnish people die from heart disease compared to 193 Japanese, and 210 younger Finnish persons die compared to only 20 Japanese. Recently, urban Japanese have begun to copy Western culture by consuming more dairy products and, in this group of people, we see the heart disease rates climbing while Japanese country folks, who continue with their traditional diet, exhibit great health and one of the longest lifespans in the world. The Japanese living in Okinawa live longer than anyone in the world and consume no dairy products.

A clinical study (Journal of Nutrition v. 132, 2002) was performed in Spain at the Zaragoza school of medicine with real people in a scientific double-blind study. Half of the participants drank 2 cups of soy milk two times each day for three months. The other half consumed the same amount of cow's milk. At the end of the study the individuals consuming soy milk saw their systolic blood pressures reduced by an average of 18.4 mmHg and their diastolic blood pressure by 15.9mgHg. This is a stunning revelation and very much more effective than expensive toxic blood pressure drugs with all their attendant side effects.

Most every grocery store offers a wide variety of inexpensive oat, almond, rice and soy milk. In a short time after switching to one of these you you'll actually prefer this to cow’s milk and the taste of cow's milk will become repugnant. You will also find many agreeable flavors of non-dairy cheeses that melt and taste like cheese made from cow's milk. Also available are non-dairy cream cheese, yogurt and ice cream. It should be noted that sugar causes inflammation and is not healthy in other ways.

Milk and milk products are the number one allergen in the world. More people are allergic to milk than any other food. Lactose and milk proteins will kill you.  Watch the DVD Got the Facts on Milk?

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