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Hibiscus Tea Natural Cure & Remedy for High Blood Pressure



Recently studies have revealed that blood pressure can be lowered with Hibiscus tea as effectively as many orthodox hypertension drugs. Hibiscus is a popular tea that is consumed worldwide. It has a delightful lemony taste and is ruby colored. This tea is safe and rarely causes side effects unlike most blood pressure drugs. In addition, most of the United States is ripe for growing Hibiscus plants so you can literally cultivate your own blood pressure medicine.

In both Asian traditional medicine and African traditional medicine Hibiscus has long been used as a remedy for high blood pressure. In 1996 medical researchers in Nigeria verified this centuries old herbal wisdom by proving that Hibiscus flowers lowered blood pressure in tests on laboratory animals. Not long after, scientists in Iran verified the same benefit in tests on people. The blood pressure was measured for 54 adults with hypertension. The researchers then gave them 10 ounces of either Hibiscus tea or black tea for 12 days. There was a slight decrease in the average blood pressure for the group drinking black tea, but a very significant 10% decrease in the group drinking Hibiscus tea. Since that time, a number of additional research studies have confirmed this effect, including two studies that compared Hibiscus with standard blood pressure medications.

Researchers in Mexico administered either Hibiscus tea or captopril (Capoten - 25 mg twice daily). The tea was made from 10 grams of dried flowers that had been crushed which is about 5 teaspoons for 1 or 2 cups of water once daily. In a period of one month, the tea had done as well as the drug, and both groups showed an 11% drop in blood pressure.

In another scientific study, these same medical researchers gave 193 people either Hibiscus 250 mg in a capsule or lisinopril (Prinivil, Zestril; 10 mg daily). In a month’s time the tea did nearly as well as the drug. Wlood pressure lowered 15% in those taking the drug and 12% with those taking the tea.

How is blood pressure lowered by Hibiscus? Current research indicates a number of reasons: first it is a diuretic, it expands the arteries and it seems to behave as a natural angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. This means it slows down the release of hormones that tighten the blood vessels. Plus, Hibiscus strengthens immune function and it has good antioxidants.

Suggestions for dosage very from 1 teaspoon of dried flowers for every cup of hot water up to 5 teaspoons which were used in one of the Mexican research studies. Steep the flowers for 5 to 10 minutes. If you have high blood pressure you should purchase and use a home monitor for checking blood pressure. You can measure your blood pressure prior to taking different doses and then re-measure an hour later to get a handle on what works best for you. Before you do this and if you're on Orthodox medication, check with your doctor first. Sometimes the combination of Hibiscus and a smaller dose of a prescription drug will give the same benefit.

It should be noted that allergic reactions or side effects can occur with this or any other medication.


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