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Hypoglycemia - Low Blood Sugar - and Diet 



There are two basic changes in the body that are now known to be involved in lowering blood sugar to levels that produce the symptoms we call hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

The first is the removal of fibers from the plant foods that we eat, through methods of refining, which causes the blood sugar to become low enough to produce symptoms. As an example, if an entire apple is ground into applesauce, your pancreas will make more insulin as a result of your eating applesauce than it would if you ate the entire apple. In just a few hours this extra amount of insulin can reduce your blood sugar to the point of hypoglycemia. This exaggerated insulin response is further exacerbated if the disrupted fibers have been extracted to make apple juice. Milling of whole grains such as wheat or brown rice and flour will produce a similar elevation in insulin response with dramatic falls in blood sugar levels. Therefore it is crucial to eat vegetable foods and for those who are sensitive and are showing symptoms of hypoglycemia they must eat these foods as they are given to us by nature - complete, unprocessed and with all their fibers intact.

The over consumption of fat so prevalent in the American diet is the second mechanism. Insulin function is reduced by these fats creating a condition called “insulin resistance." When insulin is functioning poorly, the sugar levels in our blood become too high. As a result of this elevated sugar, even more insulin is manufactured which eventually surpasses the needs of the body. This excess insulin soon lowers the blood sugar into the range of hypoglycemia. This strangling of our insulin function is also observed as adult onset diabetes (a.k.a. type 2 diabetes) as well as hypoglycemia.

There are many complaints which have been attributed to hypoglycemia including chronic fatigue and headaches. In reality, the majority of people who complain of hypoglycemia simply say they feel miserable all the time. Most have never had a glucose tolerance test to confirm or exclude the possibility of hypoglycemia. In most cases, the symptoms expressed by these people are nebulous expressions of ongoing ill health. They have not realized that their troubles are the result of eating bad foods.

While some seemingly well-qualified physicians and dietary personnel may advise eating a high-protein diet to correct this condition, we should regard this as outdated and ill-advised because this approach has little chance to correct the condition and it introduces harmful amounts of disease causing cholesterol, fats and excess proteins.

A diet based on plants and starches will rapidly relieve the illness and all of its symptoms. Hypoglycemia is almost exclusively caused by a wrong diet consisting of refined foods, too much simple sugar, low fiber and too much fat. If a proper modification of our diet does not bring immediate relief, then we should question the initial diagnosis of hypoglycemia.

It is common that persons with hypoglycemia have suffered with their condition for many years, and as a result of this often become emotionally injured, having an obsessive preoccupation with their emotions and their sense of well-being. After having removed the hypoglycemia, these persons may not gain confidence in their health or accept that he or she is now well.

If a pharmaceutical company were to produce a "magic pill" today that provided a cure for adult type 2 diabetes and improved the well-being of all diabetics by removing the risk of life-threatening complications and if this same pill also worked in nearly every case of hypoglycemia, we would proclaim it to be a medical miracle equal to the discovery of penicillin. The good news is this "magic pill" is available to us today and it is the plant-based, starch-based diet. However, this pill will require effort on our parts. It is not easy to change our dietary habits but it is certainly well worth the effort. Change to a starch-based diet, eliminating refined foods and processed oils. Reduce the intake of fruits because they are high in simple sugars. Eat often, perhaps six or seven times a day in the beginning. Eat a fulfilling amount of food at each meal abandoning any concern about gaining weight because this diet will NOT make you fat. If you are fat you will lose weight. It should also be noted that your symptoms may be the result of some other problem such as a food allergy.  This piece was adapted from an article by Dr. John McDougal, MD, a world famous champion of a plant based diet for curing many illnesses.  You can get more information on this diet by going to www dot drmcdougall dot com. 

If you are asking, "But where will I get my protein?" watch the following 2 minute video with Dr. John McDougall, MD.



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