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Bacterial Vaginal Infection Causes and Symptoms



Common symptoms for bacterial vaginal infection include:

Itching and burning

A liquid gray or white discharge from the vagina

A foul fishy smell emanating from the vagina

A whitish substance that looks something like small bits of cottage cheese

The cause of bacterial vaginal infection is an imbalance in bacteria which occur naturally in and on the body.  Unless this root cause is addressed, infections will continue to occur.  The greater the imbalance the more frequent and virulent are the episodes.  Some women will experience this every two or three months while others will have it once a year or never.  For the more pernicious cases, it is not unusual for all medications to fail to stop the reoccurrences. The good news is that natural remedies for bacterial vaginal infection can work very effectively when all other methods have failed.

There can be one or more reasons to examine in understanding why the imbalance has occurred. The most common cause is diet.  Yeast thrives on sugar and, in addition, sugar is a substance which promotes inflammation everywhere in the body.  Sugar is without a doubt the most troublesome offender.  Today the average person consumes 150 pounds of sugar annually.  In 1920 that number was 5 pounds.  Refined flours are also a threat to the delicate balance in our bodies and genitals.   Overly exercised hygiene, chemical perfumes and products around the vagina, use of antibiotics and new sexual partners are also contributors.  After taking an antibiotic, one should purchase a probiotic product from the health food store to restore the natural beneficial bacteria to the gut and vagina.  These microbes naturally keep yeast in control.  When they are depleted, yeast often goes out of control.

A good natural remedy program for bacterial vaginal infection would include strengthening of the immune system and restoring the natural balance in the vagina.

Immediate action is always recommended with this condition.  This infection is not dangerous but, if left unchecked for a period of time, can escalate into pelvic inflammatory disease and sometimes infertility.

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