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Kidney Failure Natural Treatments, Remedies & Natural Home Cures




Your diet can positively impact any problems you may have with your kidneys.  In fact, your diet can provide a natural treatment for kidney failure.  Among the many foods that you should consider are:  asparagus, black eyed pea hulls, cherry juice, carrots, beet roots, corn silk teas, garlic, parsley, radishes, water melon, sage tea, onions, and cranberries.


Lemon Juice

At a young age I nearly died having a condition called nepthritis.  It is a form of kidney disease.  Later around the age of forty I started to experience extreme pain in the same area again.  Intuitively, I felt that I should fast.  I only took in lemon juice and I ate about seven large leaves of some raw comfrey.  I did this for about two days, and this condition has never returned.  It is nearly three decades later and I am still pain free.  From my experience, I’d say that the combination of lemon juice and eating comfrey is a great natural cure for kidney failure or disease.



The use of comfrey to treat kidney failure is an effective natural treatment.  You can make comfrey tea and drink it with some honey and ginger powder added to it.   You can also gargle the comfrey tea with good results.  It is very good for treating the bladder.



When regarding kidney failure and a natural remedy, Mimosa has proven to be a very effective treatment.  I have a personal friend who is elderly and he was suffering from kidney problems and after he took some mimosa; his condition greatly improved.



If you are having kidney problems, making an okra drink can provide relief.  Take about ten pieces of okra and mix water and honey with it. Initially take the okra and wash it and cut away both of the ends and slice the protruding parts so that it is rounded.  Next, cut the okra into small pieces and put it along with water and honey into a blender.  After, blending you will have your drink ready to drink and heal with.


Starting at a young age I experienced Kidney problems.  When I was a teenager, I boiled Guyabono leaves and corn husks to make a tea that helped to relieve my condition.  Later, in college, when problems arose; I tried some pure cucumber juice and young coconut juice.  This worked as I was able to urinate again.  Now days I find that Alingitngit leaves make a great tea.  They really help the kidneys to filter properly.  If you are having any type of kidney failure, you may find Alingitngit leaves to be a good natural cure.


If you’re experiencing some kidney problems, try drinking a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda in about a half a cup of water twice a day.  You should drink this in the morning and at night.  Be sure that you drink this on an empty stomach.  Continue this natural cure for your kidney failures and you’ll see some relief.


Lime and Baking Soda

I stumbled unto this natural treatment for kidney failure that I wanted to share with you.  Take any where between two to eight teaspoons of lime or lemon juice and add about a half teaspoon of baking soda to about half a glass of water.  Drink this in the morning upon waking and at night before retiring for the day.  You need to do this for about four or five days to get the desired results.


Clove Oil

You can prevent kidney problems like too much protein by mixing a drop of clove oil in a liter of water and drink this throughout the day.  This will destroy the bacterium in the liver which will help to reduce the amount of protein in your kidneys.  This is a good natural remedy I’d suggest for this type of kidney failure.


Reduce Protein

To help address kidney problems such as too much protein, I’d suggest taking some zinc and magnesium.  With the zinc, you need to have at least 50 mg of zinc gluconate within a week time period.  As for the magnesium, taking 250 mg five days of the week should be sufficient.  This will help strengthen the body’s ability to combat bacteria and reduce the high protein in the kidneys.  I think you‘ll find this to be a good home remedy for treating kidney failure like that of having too much protein in the kidneys.


B Complex

To naturally cure kidney failure or problems like cloudy urine, you should take a vitamin B complex.  This will help to clear things up and lower the amount of protein in your kidneys.


Drinking water mixed with sea salt throughout the day can raise the salinity of your urine.  Also, the salt acts like an antibiotic by reducing the amount of bacteria, and thus lowering the amount of protein buildup in the urine.  This can work as an alternative treatment to a kidney failure like too much protein.


Avoid Sodas

In the effort to avoid kidney failure, part of your natural treatment should include avoiding all carbonated beverages.  Your kidneys will eventually swell, and you’ll get unwanted protein in your urine. This is a good natural treatment and remedy for kidney failure.


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