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Endometriosis Natural Cures and Home Remedies



You can help to improve your hormone metabolism and bile-bowel functioning related to having endometriosis by the use of leaves and flowers.  You should include a daily intake of leaves and flowers of rosemary, milk thistle seeds, vervain herb, and the leaves and roots of dandelion.


One of the best home remedies for endometriosis is diet.  Your diet can play a large part in the effort to reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with endometriosis.  If you think about it, it’s actually the perfect way of providing a natural cure of endometriosis.  As for the diet, one thing I recommend is to eat plenty of fish.  It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are great for helping to suppress prostaglandin production.  Also, it’s very important to avoid certain foods in your diet.  Some of these foods to avoid include red meat, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.  Others food types to avoid include dairy products, fried foods, and processed foods.  Ideally, your diet should be low fat, and vegetarian based, that is rich in fiber.   You will really help yourself to be healthier and feel better with your endometriosis by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  Also, you should include salads, flax seed oil, whole grains, and cereals.


To help with the symptoms from having endometriosis, you should exercise daily.  By doing some consistent exercise, you are able to reduce the levels of estrogen and slow down the growth of endometriosis.  Also, you can help yourself by taking daily vitamin supplements, and avoid using tampons during the time of your period.


Dairy products trigger endometriosis so avoid dairy.


Endometriosis and Chinese Medicine

A number of clinical studies in China have demonstrated the near term effectiveness of gossypol in treating endometriosis is almost 90 percent.  63 percent of persons treated also experienced long term effectiveness for 1 to 3 years.  Using gossypol gives relief for excessive menstrual bleeding and can also provide continuing reduction of uterine myomas and endometrial cysts.  After a standard treatment for several months, most women will also have no menstrual period (amenorrhea) for up to 6 months (in about 80 percent of women treated) and up to one year in 16 percent of those treated.  Only a small group of 46 months (in about 80 percent of women treated) and up to one year in 16 percent of those treated.  Only a small group of 4 percent had continuing amenorrhea after one year.  Gossypol is an active ingredient in cotton plant roots and seeds.  This is one of the best natural cures for endometriosis.  Find a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.  There are many other Chinese herbal formulae available for treatment of this condition.

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