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Hyperacidity Home Remedies and Natural Cures




A wonderful herb for helping to heal hyperacidity is gooseberry. This natural cure helps me a lot. I take two tablespoons of gooseberry about three times a day to get relief.


Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Ayurvdeic medicine has many wonderful home remedies for treating hyperacidity. Indian dill or sowa is used for helping to relieve hyperacidity. Also fennel, rhubarb, clove, cumin and garlic as well as rosemary. Eating a healthy diet and cutting out any use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, greasy foods and excessive salt will also help.


Eating Light Meals

If you eat light meals while suffering from hyperacidity you will find this to be a natural cure for your suffering. Light healthy meals will ease the discomfort.


Juice Fast

Doing a periodic vegetable and fruit juice fast is a super good home remedy for hyperacidity. Vegetables and fruits are naturally rich in alkaline which in turn help offset hyperacidity. Doing a juice fast for a day or longer will not only help to heal your hyperacidity but also help you cleanse, lose weight and regain lost energy. I came upon this great DVD which offers a glimpse of what life can be like after taking the time to juice fast and also integrate juicing into your daily diet. Joe Cross is a living testimonial to the powers of juicing and healthy living. I watched his video and immediately went out and purchased a juicer. I now juice daily. I use a variety of organic leafy green vegetables as well as a wide assortment of all types of veggies and fruits. This is one of the best natural home remedies and cures for hyperacidity.  You will be entertained and educated while watching this great movie :  Fat Sick and Nearly Dead


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