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Jock Itch Natural Cures & Home Remedies



Coconut Oil

I had pretty much given up finding a natural cure for jock itch when I heard about the use of coconut oil.  I had resigned to the fact that I would just have to live with my groin area never being normal again.  I took some coconut oil that I had used to moisturize my face with and I had incredible results! 


Colloidal Silver

Try using Mesosilver Colloidal Silver Spray. It will remove the itching and burning within a day and usually completely clears it up in 2-3 days. Please don\'t use Clorox, Ajax or any other household chemicals because they get absorbed into the body and will cause damage to the central nervous system. You can also prevent jock itch from returning by using Fresh Balls (yes it is a real product)to keep the area dry.  by Anon. 2-4-12



A good home cure for jock itch is to always shower or take a bath each and every night.  You should also change your underwear a couple times a day.  Also, an important thing to do is to cut down on your sugar intake.  If you follow this routine; you will soon be free of your jock itch within a few days.  You will be so relieved because this type of bacteria is so nasty and just itches, and itches.



One of the worst itches you can get is jock itch.  I have a little home remedy for jock itch to pass on.  Basically, you just get about a half cup of butter, one teaspoon of whisky, and add a little vinegar to the mix.  Mix these ingredients together at a freezing temperature level, and apply a couple times a day.  You will also want to cut out eating sugar and the carbohydrates.  This worked like a charm with my husband!


Gold Bond Powder

As far as natural remedies for jock itch; I only have this suggestion.  Get some Gold Bond Medicated powder.  It really works wonders.  I used to work at a Boys Scout Camp as a Health Officer and the boys were always coming up with this problem.  After instructing the Head Boy Scout to get some of the powder, and having the boys use it; there were no more problems.  I had to go the route of the Head Boy Scout leader because I am a woman and I think they were embarrassed to approach me with this problem.


Anti-bacterial Soap

I live in Florida and working outside I get sweaty and getting jock itch is easy to do.  The most natural cure for jock itch to me is to wash using Cetaphil antibacterial soap, and to apply some underarm deodorant to the areas of concern.  I had this condition for months and after spending money on all kinds of creams and powders, this ended up being the solution for me.


Desitin Home Remedy

I have a great home remedy for treating jock itch.  I have had to find this because my blood sugar level is higher than normal in my system, and I experience fungus conditions like jock itch.  It gets really raw and painfully intense with the itching.  Occasionally when this flares up, I use Desitin, the diaper rash medicine to get some relief.  To really get this condition under control, sometimes Lamisil is required; however, the pills can be really expensive.  There was a product that I used that worked really well.  It was a body wash by Body Essence exfoliating with oatmeal and honey.  Unfortunately, this product isn’t available anymore.  Also, just keep your crotch dry and cool and wear silk under ware if possible.  I wish you lots of luck!


Anti-fungal Natural Cure for Jock Itch

As far as natural cures for jock itch go; I’d recommend just keeping the areas of your body that are moist and warm clean and dry.  Jock itch is a fungal infection and if you use an OTC antifungal cream; spray, or powder on the affected area, this should make a difference.  You should change your undergarments daily.  You can also get some antidandruff shampoo and wash over the area of concern.  Also, another idea is to put some tea tree oil over the affected area.  Tea tree oil is actually an antifungal.


Good Hygiene

The best home treatment for jock itch would be to just use good hygiene by making sure you are cleansing the area.  You can use an anti fungal shampoo, followed by applying some antifungal cream.  After bathing; make sure to be completely dry and put on some antifungal powder before getting dressed.  Also, constantly change your undergarments throughout the day if needed.



An easy home cure for treating jock itch is to include a lot of garlic in your diet.  Garlic contains some good antifungal properties.  Also, you can apply garlic and honey alternatively on the problem areas.


Diet as Home Remedy for Jock Itch

Your diet can impact your jock itch in a positive manner.  Just having a healthy diet is a great home remedy for jock itch.  You should not eat refined carbohydrates, food with yeast, or sugar.  You should avoid alcohol because it will eventually convert into sugar.  You should include lots of raw fruit and vegetables and avoid the fried, greasy, and foods that are processed.


Cotton Clothes

If you’re suffering from jock itch; just wear loose clothes that are made of cotton.  You can even use silica to help with keeping the damp areas of the body dry.  These are just a few simple types of natural cures for your jock itch.  Good luck to you!



When I was suffering from my jock itch I discovered a solution to wash with that turned out to be very effective.  It was a solution created out of two tablespoons of bleach mixed with 16 ounces of hot water.  I took a washcloth and soaked it with this solution and washed the affected area every day until it went away.  It usually took only about two to three days for this process to work.  This is a good home cure for jock itch that will work great!


Zinc Oxide Jock Itch Home Remedy

This is a good home remedy for jock itch or any other fungus related condition.  Whenever the weather gets hot, my inner thighs and groin areas start to have outbreaks.  I go to the store and get some zinc oxide/diaper rash cream and it provide a natural cure for the jock itch condition often eliminating it quickly, and prevents it from returning.  Don’t worry about the checkout clerks; it’s none of their business.  I have found that there is nothing that works better.


I have always used Gold Bond powder for my jock itch condition.  It contains zinc oxide and the powder also effectively absorbs up the moisture.


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