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Jock Itch Natural Home Cures & Natural Remedies



Boxer Shorts

A good place to start when dealing with jock itch is to stop wearing regular jock briefs and wear boxer briefs instead.  On the traditional jock briefs, there is an elastic band that will absorb moisture and rub this into the creases in the groin area.  Another thing about the regular jock briefs is that after you wash them, they still retain moisture and therefore some remnants of the fungus.  You want to make sure your clothes are completely dry, sun dry if possible.  Also, if you have to wear jockstraps while playing sports; use some antifungal powder to coat your jockstrap before and after use.  You should carry some of this antifungal powder with you and powder your scrotum area after sweating or getting out of the shower.


If you’re dealing with that dreaded jock itch; then, I suggest you start with your diet.  A very simple natural cure for your jock itch can revolve around the type of food you eat.  It is wise to avoid white starch foods and yeast.  Our bodies are naturally intolerant of white starchy foods and yeast.  You need to be patient and give it a month before expecting the fungus to die.  If you stay with your improved diet; this will allow the natural process and immunity of the affected cells to self repair and return to permanent health.


When considering types of treatment; use a natural remedy for your jock itch, or perhaps a pharmaceutical cream.  You must be methodical and consistent and maintain your routine for at least a couple of weeks.  Even if the fungus appears to have gone away; you must continue the treatment for the above mentioned two weeks time duration.


For those considering using bleach as a natural remedy for jock itch I say to read the label on the bottle.  It says that it is a skin irritant.  Even if you dilute it; it is still toxic and can be lethal.  Would you consider drinking it if it were diluted?  Bleach like chlorox isn’t natural and should be avoided.


There is something to keep in mind when trying a natural remedy for your jock itch.  You need to realize that not all the OTC creams are equal.  I used a generic version of Tinactin for a couple weeks and didn’t experience any improvement in my condition.  I saw my doctor and he prescribed Lamasil and it worked much better.  It has a different ingredient that is much more effective against jock itch.  Also, at my job I wear jeans and tend to get sweaty and my groin area isn’t allowed to breath or air out.  I use some Monkey Butt Powder to keep myself dry.  It actually works great!  It has calamine powder and is a heavier type of powder.  I also recommend that you keep up with the washing of your sheets and clothes.  Keeping these clean is a helpful way to help get rid of jock itch and to avoid it from returning.


I haven’t seen anyone mention this natural cure for jock itch so here is my idea.  I tried all kinds of treatments and nothing worked.  I endured jock itch for twenty years until a friend told me to try kerosene.  I gave it a try, and it completely got rid of the fungus.  It’s been over two years and the fungus hasn’t returned!


If you have had jock itch for an extended amount of time, you will need to go see a doctor and get a prescription.  It will probably be for an antifungal cream or some type of oral treatment.  I had it for a year and couldn’t treat it with anything that was harmful because I was pregnant during this time.  I tried every kind of natural cure for jock itch that I knew about.  I tried peroxide, vinegar, salt baths, tea tree oil, etc.  Nothing I tried would kill it.  When I had finished with the nursing of my baby, my dermatologist prescribed some oral lamisil for me to take for two weeks.  This took care of it!


Garlic & Boric Acid

I had been suffering from jock itch for over a year and it was spreading to my legs.  I didn’t know how to get rid of it.  Finally it occurred to me to try something I had used a while back to treat my athletes foot.  In the past when I had treated my athlete’s foot, I had used a liquid that contained garlic and boric acid.  I again tried this formula to treat my jock itch.  It really hurt; but, within one day the itch was completely gone.  As it turns out; this is a great natural cure for both jock itch and athlete’s foot!  I’ve also been told that apple cider vinegar works really well.



After I was exposed, I immediately set out to find a home cure for my jock itch.  It took a lot of trial and error with various creams and powders before I found one.  I put some Ajax on a sponge and rubbed the affected area a couple of times.  What happened next really surprised me.  It completely took care of my jock itch!


Econazole Jock Itch Natural Remedy

I discovered that when I need a natural remedy for my jock itch, I just get myself some old stuff.  I use Econazole Nitrate cream 1%.  There is lotrim and other newer creams; but none of them work for me.  I think that Econazole Nitrate cream 1% is the best one out there.


 I think the home cure for jock itch is to keep it cold.  Apply ice packs to the affected area and this should help take care of it.



If you’ve contracted jock itch on your scrotum, it’s not jock itch.  It’s actually a type of yeast infection like women get with their vaginal yeast infections.  There are many different types of rashes in the groin area that you could have, and there are all kinds of medications depending on the type of strain.  Bleach can kill any bacterial or fungal infection; but, it is too strong to put on the area you’re addressing.  I would say that Betadine is a good natural cure for jock itch or something similar like a yeast infection.  You can apply it to the sensitive areas of your body without risk to your skin or mucus membranes.


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