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Lethargy Home Remedies and Natural Cures




Try eating fresh sprouts to beat lethargy naturally.  This natural cure should be eaten about once every two weeks for optimum results.  If you do this, then you'll find relief from lethargy from the fresh sprouts.  This is an excellent natural cure for lethargy. 

* * *

Hot Bath

When you feel lethargy setting in, try to increase your energy by taking a hot bath.  This is a great natural cure for lethargy. 

* * *

Lime Juice as Natural Cure

Try drinking fresh lime juice every day.  Citrus juices help to increase blood circulation, which will help to combat tiredness and lethargy.  This is a great way to beat lethargy naturally. 

 * * *


Regular exercise helps to decrease feelings of lethargy.  This is because it makes you more active and increases your energy.  This is a great natural cure for lethargy. 

* * *

Eat Grains

Millet, grains, vegetables and fruits should be eaten in large amounts.  This is one of the best ways to beat lethargy, as you are greatly bettering your diet and eating better foods.  It is also very important to keep the body well hydrated.  This helps to revive your spirit and increase your energy levels. 

* * *

Be Interested

You might find that lethargy sets in when your mind is not fully engaged in the activity that you are participating in.  Instead, be sure to only spend your time doing things that are you are really interested in.  This will keep your interest piqued and you will stay fully engaged in activities, which will keep you from getting tired and lethargic. 

* * *


Don't eat an abundance of canned or processed foods when suffering from lethargy.  You should also avoid heavy drinks like milk, cream and other rich beverages.  Don't drink sodas, either.  These are all good ways to cure lethargy.  Instead, drink water and eat lots of fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables. 

* * *

Change Habits

One of the most important ways to prevent lethargy is to change your daily routines and dietary habits.  First, you should be sure that you are always eating breakfast.  You'll find that when you wake up in the morning, the long stretch of inactivity will leave your body with low blood sugar levels, which needs to be restored immediately. 

* * *


If the lethargic patient is suffering from any kind of anemia, the levels of iron in the blood should be checked.  Anemia can manifest itself in fatigue and lethargy, as this means that there isn't enough blood that can carry oxygen and carbon dioxide to the body and lungs. 

* * *

Be Organized as Natural Cure for Lethargy

Another great way to naturally cure fatigue and lethargy is to keep your life well organized.  If everything is planned out in advance, then you will spend less energy and time problem solving and deciding things at the last possible minute.  You will also want to keep things as closely harmonized with your personal preferences as possible so that you can avoid stress, which causes lethargy. 


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