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ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder - Natural Remedies, Alternative Treatments, Cures & Home Remedies



Plant Based Diet

One of the best natural remedies for ADD is to keep to a plant based diet that is composed mainly of grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.  You will be amazed by how quickly a diet transformation will transform your life.  Not only does a healthy diet have lots of other health benefits, it is also beneficial for relieving other symptoms of ADD.  Patients with ADD that begin to follow a plant based diet soon report more restful and plentiful sleep. 

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ADD is a powerful disorder that can cause a great deal of frustration.  Some doctors will simply prescribe medication and do this to the peril of the patient.  When medication is given to a patient with ADD, the underlying cause of the problem is ignored.  To effectively treat ADD naturally and without medication, one should follow an all natural care plan that is designed to directly target the medical cause for your ADD symptoms.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, ADD can be attributed to a lack of heart blood, or Y. 

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It has been proven in several studies that adults that suffered from ADD as a child that were medicated as opposed to having treated their disorder with diet and lifestyle changes tend to have a higher rate of involvement in vandalism and other petty crimes, a higher frequency rate of intoxication by alcohol and a higher rate of marijuana possession.  Instead of allowing the doctors to given your children poison, you should instead choose to make changes in your family's lifestyle and diet. 

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No Sugar

It isn't easy to completely overhaul and change your child's diet.  A complete dietary makeover is difficult for adults, and it is also difficult for children to adjust to as well.  Begin the transition by substituting some of their favorite foods with more healthy choices.  Instead of allowing your children to consume sugary sodas and Cola, instead, try to get them to drink juice.  Yes, juice is very high in sugar as well, but it's a much better choice than sugary soda pop.  Once your children become accustomed to drinking juice, transition them to water with lemon added to it.  Ideally, you'll want to transition your children to drinking only water and to have juice as a special treat every once in awhile.  When choosing a juice for your children (or yourself!), try to squeeze your own at home.  If this isn't possible, be smart when picking out your juice in the grocery store.   Choose a juice that is made with organic produce and adds no sugars.  You will be surprised by how quickly your child's ADD symptoms will be managed by this simple natural cure change in diet. 

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One study conducted by the medical school at George Washington University found that high protein meals are best for children that are hyperactive and show signs of ADD.  These children tended to have better grades and were better behaved in school than their peers with ADD who did not consume a high protein meal. 

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ADD experts will tell you that the best way to manage ADD symptoms in a child is to do it naturally and effectively, and there are several natural treatments that are simple and work very well.  One of the best treatments that is recommended for children with ADD diagnoses is to withdraw them from public schools and to enroll them in a private school, or to simply home school them. Private schools are a significant investment, however, it's worth the extra cost to not have your child brainwashed by a government institution.  Another great change to make is to transition your child to a macrobiotic diet.  Lunch in the school's cafeteria should never be allowed.  The horrible food that is served in the public schools is full of pesticides, chemicals and other processed things.  Do not allow your child to eat this garbage.  A great alternative is to just pack a lunch for you child that is filled with natural, organic and nutritious food.  These simple guidelines and recommendations will show a great improvement in your child and their ADD symptoms. 

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Whole Grain Foods

Not all carbohydrates are created equal.  Carbohydrates are essential for our bodies to function and provide energy.  Be sure that you are choosing good quality carbohydrates when feeding someone with ADD.  Choose carbohydrates that are “whole wheat”.  Breads, pastas and tortillas are all made in whole wheat varieties.  Steer clear of any simple carbohydrate like corn syrup, sugar products, honey, candy, white rice and white pasta.  Avoid all of these foods and completely eliminate them from your diet if at all possible.  Simple carbohydrates make ADD symptoms much worse and more pronounced.  This is one of the best natural treatments for ADD

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The best natural remedy for ADD is one that is low in processed foods and sugar and high in vegetables and fresh fruits.  If you find that you are still not getting enough nutrients though diet, you may want to consider adding some supplements.  Try adding CoQ10, lipoic acid, ALC, PS and glutamine to your daily routine for one year.  People suffering from ADD will also greatly benefit from adding flax seed oil to their diet as well.  Flax seed out is a fantastic addition to any diet, and it is very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.  Omega 3s are imperative for proper control of ADD symptoms and are a very effective natural remedy for ADD.

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Avoid Junk Food

Children look up to their parents and older siblings.  If the rest of the family is eating junk food, then a child will, too.  Unfortunately, these horrible processed foods that we are feeding our children is terrible not only for their bodies, but for their ADD symptoms as well.  Introduce your child to a macrobiotic diet and watch how quickly their symptoms subside.  You should try to eat the same diet and encourage everything in the household to do the same.  This should also mean that none of the “bad foods” are kept anywhere in the house. 


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