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Acid Stomach Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Blanched Almonds

If you suffer from acid stomach, a great natural remedy is to blanch some almonds, then chew on them.  This is a simple and effective natural remedy for acid stomach.

* * *

Vegan Diet

A low fat vegan diet will cure acid stomach 99% of the time. Read about a Vegan Diet.


Baking Soda

If you already eat well-portioned meals and know that your acid stomach problems are not caused by over eating, then you will benefit from this easy home remedy.  Mix water and baking soda together, then drink the mixture.  This coats the esophagus and brings quick relief from acid stomach. 

* * *

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a very nutritious snack or side dish and is also a great reliever of acid stomach.  To take advantage of this great natural remedy, simply eat some brown rice, or you can mix a bit of sugar to make a sweet snack.  As a complex carbohydrate, brown rice is naturally healthy and doesn't upset the stomach further because it's a very bland food. 

* * *

Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a great natural remedy for acid stomach and is also very beneficial for use as an energizing tonic.  Simply create a drink by mixing eight ounces of very warm water, two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.  Once thoroughly mixed, drink the mixture in several continuous large gulps.  This should be done twice a day, first in the morning and at about 8 PM, or approximately two hours before bedtime.  Drink this natural remedy for acid stomach twice a day for about six weeks, and you'll notice a significant improvement in your acid stomach problems and you'll feel more revitalized and will also have more energy.

* * *

Lemon Juice Natural Remedy

Squeeze about two to three drops of lemon juice in a half cup of cold milk.  Do not stir the mixture and drink immediately.  This is a quick and easy natural remedy for acid stomach. 

* * *

Yellow Mustard Home Remedy for Acid Stomach

One of my favorite home remedies for acid stomach is to simply eat a spoonful of yellow mustard, then follow with a cup of water.  This is simple and works surprisingly well for controlling my acid stomach problems naturally. 

* * *

Egg Shells

Acid stomach is typically caused by alcohol, junk food and foods that are high in fat.  To counteract the effects of eating these foods, try this natural remedy.  While it sounds strange, this home remedy for acid stomach works very well.  I like to grind up egg shells after they have been cleaned and dried.  I then take the powder and mix approximately one teaspoon to my tea along with a teaspoon of honey.  This strange home remedy is actually a wonderful remedy and treatment for acid stomach problems.

* * *

Decaff Coffee

There are lots of home remedies for acid stomach, but I've found that drinking decaff coffee works very well. 

* * *


This is a great natural remedy for acid stomach, but it can be painful at first.  Since I have started this home remedy, I no longer need to take my prescription anti-acid medication.  When I feel acid stomach pain flaring up, I ingest a tablespoon of vinegar.  There is a substantial burning feeling for about twenty to thirty seconds, but then the pain is completely gone.  This is a great way to save money and treat your acid stomach issues naturally. 

* * *


To treat acid stomach, I like to eat a red apple before and after any meal that could trigger those uncomfortable symptoms.  To make the apples even more appetizing, I like to slice them up and dip in honey or peanut butter.  You can also try this natural home remedy of mixing a few teaspoons of baking soda with eight ounces of water.  The water should be room temperature.


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