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Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Home Remedies



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The use of herbal medicine has been studied and applied for thousands of years and continues in full force today.  Nature’s medicine chest is an important aspect of bacterial vaginosis natural remedies.  Included is an array of immune enhancing agents, anti-microbial and anti-fungal substances.  These produce their healing effects both indirectly and directly. 


Tea Tree Oil

One excellent topical (external use) natural antibiotic is tea tree oil.  It has proven to be very efficient at curing bacterial vaginosis.  It is applied to the vagina by using suppositories (available at a health food store) douches and by soaking tampons in tea tree oil.  This amazing oil can also be put in a warm sitz bath in conjunction with raw apple cider vinegar.



This really worked great for me and it might also for you.  I began by taking a probiotic supplement and additional acidophilus.  These are the good flora you are supposed to have.  I took a garden variety tampon and let it soak in plain yogurt (it must say live culture) and put that into my vagina just before retiring. Also, I do a tea tree oil douche once a week.  The douche is three-fourths water and one-fourth tea tree oil.  This has really been a great home remedy for my bacterial vaginosis.


Garlic Natural Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis

Garlic is one of the 5 most widely used herbal remedies in the world.  It is a powerful antibiotic and is prescribed for a long list of maladies.  It is also one of the best home remedies for bacterial vaginosis.  It can be applied directly to the vagina and also it can be eaten.  Peal a clove of garlic, put it in a piece of gauze, and insert it into the vagina.  It can also be taken in suppository form or as a douche.


Boric Acid

For almost 3 years I suffered with chronic recurring bacterial vaginosis and finally I found something that actually worked.  It’s boric acid.  My gynecologist brought it up as a home remedy the first time he gave me the diagnosis but I was afraid to try it.  I researched it on the web and then finally gave it test run.  Now I feel I have cured my BV.  It has been months sins I had any symptoms.  Here is how to do it.  Buy empty triple-ought (000) gel capsules.  Buy some boric acid.  You can get these at most drugstores or on line.  Fill some caps with boric acid and these now become suppositories.  Push one of these deep into your vaginal canal at night.  Use tow if you have a bad infection.  After two weeks of this treatment you should be free from this problem forever more!  Don’t do this during your period and use them during the day if it is really bad.  Wear a pad.



I had BV for eight months and also an on-off yeast infection.  I tried the gel stuff the doctor prescribed but it didn’t help.  So I researched on line and saw what other women were doing to cure their BV.  I bought vitamin C 1000 mg, folic acid 800 mg and acidophilus 1 billion and raw apple cider vinegar.  Immediately I started on the supplements several times a day.  When I showered I washed the outer regions of my vagina with apple cider vinegar.  Then to keep it from ever coming back, I shower immediately after my boyfriend and I have sex.  Always I use the apple cider vinegar in the after-sex shower.


Lavender Oil

Mix lavender oil (natural essential oil) with myrrh and coconut oil.  This is an excellent natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis.  Use this on the outer vaginal lips.  It may burn a little if the infection is very advanced.


Black Walnut

Black walnut contains a compound called juglone.  It is antiseptic and has been demonstrated to be very effective in getting rid of bacterial vaginosis.  If you plan to use this remedy in dosages that are beyond what is recommended, and you are breastfeeding or pregnant, consult a physician first.


Pau D'arco

Pau d’arco is an herb that is collected from the inside bark of the South American Taheebo Tree.  It is widely revered for its legendary healing virility. Pau d’arco is prescribed for many ailments and can be taken with good effect for bacterial vaginosis.


Echinacea Home Remedy

The root of the Echinacea plant is one of the most efficient antibiotics and blood purifiers.  By enhancing the immune system, it aids the body in throwing of bacterial infections. 


Witch Hazel

A good bacterial vaginosis natural remedy is witch hazel. 


Tea Tree and Goldenseal

Make a douche of tea tree oil and goldenseal tea.


Antibacterial Powder Natural Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis

Make an antibacterial powder from Margosa leaves.  Take a couple of handfuls of these leaves and wash them thoroughly to remove any chemical residues.  Heat them slowly in a pan for several minutes until they become dry somewhat crisp. Let them cool and then finely grind them into a powder.  Use this powder two times a day as a bacterial vaginosis home remedy.


Cold Compress

Just by holding a cold compress over the infected area you will give yourself relief from the symptoms of itching and swelling of the area, but it will not cure the bacterial vaginosis. This natural remedy works best when you apply the cold press at least twice a day. You can use the cold compress as much as you need it to relieve yourself of the symptoms.


Neem Natural Remedy

You can find the antibiotics and the anti fungal properties that you need to fight off bacterial vaginosis in Neem. You can either take neem in capsules or in leaves. If you take the capsules take them on a daily basis. When using the leaves you should take twenty to twenty- five and grind them into a paste. Heat the paste in water and once the paste has been heated up strain it and use it as a vaginal douche. This is one of the best natural remedies you can use for bacterial vaginosis.



One great way you can cure yourself of a case of bacterial vaginosis is by using femanol. Femanol is one the best home remedies you can use to cure BV. Femanol contains vitamins, minerals and herbs that help the immune system rebalance itself so that your body can fight off infections. It also has the antibiotic and antifungal properties that are needed to fight off BV.


Drink Water

On a normal day you should drink ten to twelve eight ounce glasses of water every day. But when you are experiencing BV you should drink twice the normal amount of water. The body is mostly made up of water and needs an annual intake of eighty plus ounces of water to function. There is no better way to help your body heal itself than to supply it with its main fluid. Not only will it help the body heal itself but it will flush your urinary system which will help get rid of the bad bacteria that causes bacterial vaginitis.


No Sugar

When you eat sugar you increase your chances of having bacterial vaginosis, because the sugar compromises your immune system so that it can’t fight off infections. Things you might want to avoid while you have BV are candy, soda, and energy drinks. These items contain tons of sugar and will hurt you instead of bringing comfort to you. This is one the easiest and simplest natural cures for bacterial vaginosis that you can use. Make sure to stay off the sugar while you have bacterial vaginosis and a week after the symptoms have cleared.



Eating right is the key to good health, because when you have a well balanced diet you can fight off infections better. This is the most important home remedy that you can use for any problem including bacterial vaginosis. Food items such as animal products, salts, sugars, and oils don’t help the body but  hurt it instead. They also don’t help support your immune system and give it what it needs to fight off infections. Foods that can help you cure your bacterial vaginosis are fruits, vegetables, breads and starches. Keep to these groups and you will improve in no time. Also make sure that you eat the proper amounts of these food groups to get the proper nutrition so that your body can heal itself. When your body is well maintained with a proper diet you can pretty much heal anything especially BV.  Diet is the best home remedy for bacterial vaginosis.


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