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Homemade Natural Deodorant



Here is a good natural homemade deodorant 

2 Tablespoons cocoa butter
2 Tablespoons corn starch
3 Tablespoons shea butter
3 Tablespoons baking soda
2 vitamin E oil gel caps (puncture and squeeze out the oil)
Essential Oil (I used lavender and tea tree oil)

First melt all the ingredients but without the essential oils.  Stir it all together very well and then put in the essential oils and stir some more.  Pour this into a jar and put it in the refrigerator so it can harden.  This recipe makes about a quarter pint so you can double or triple the recipe to make more if you like.  I have been using this for three weeks not and I am amazed that a homemade deodorant could work so well!


To make a good non-irritating homemade deodorant try some povidone iodine.  Just rub a few drops onto the armpits a couple of times a day and it will kill the bacteria that causes the odor.


Put fresh lime juice and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) in your armpits to get rid of odor.


Here is one you can whip up in your kitchen and it works great.

8 oz beeswax
2 oz baking soda
4 oz cornstarch
2 oz distilled water
1 oz chlorophyll (liquid)
½ oz pure grain alcohol 190 proof (like Everclear)
Approximately 12 drops of essential oil of your choice

Except for the chlorphyl and beeswax, mix all ingredients in a big bowl and stir it thoroughly.  Next put the beeswax in a double boiler and melt it on low heat and then pour it into the bowl.  Add the essential oil and stir well.  Pour it into a jar or mold and let it cool.


Try this good homemade cream deodorant.

½ oz beeswax
½ oz cocoa butter
1 tbs glycerin
1 tbs rosewater

The first step is to melt the cocoa butter and beeswax in a microwave or double boiler.  When melted, put in the glycerin and rosewater plus about 6 or 8 drops of your favorite essential oil or oils.  This is one of the best homemade natural deodorants.

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