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Eczema Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Whenever I experience problems with eczema this is my home remedy.  I get some nutmeg and water and mash it up into a paste.  Next, I take the paste and apply to my skin where the eczema is driving me crazy.  Immediately, I can start to notice a difference.  Soon, the condition has gone away.


I was complaining the other day to my girlfriend about my skin rashes and how they drive me nuts.  She said it was eczema and that she knew how to treat it.  She came over later that day with some sandalwood paste and some camphor.  She took one teaspoon of the sandalwood paste and mixed it together with one teaspoon of the camphor.  She then took this mixture and put it on my arm which needed help.  I couldn’t believe how much relief this brought.  The itching almost instantly went away.  She said that this was the best natural remedy for eczema that she had come across.



Diet as Home Remedy for Eczema

I had eczema my whole life until I was told about a change in diet that would turn ultimately end my suffering with eczema.  You need to stop eating any type of dairy products in your diet.  Don’t have anything to do with milk.  After I stopped including dairy products in my diet; my eczema cleared up, and the symptoms haven’t returned.  You should try this!


My best friend has a daughter who has endured eczema for quite awhile.  She spent a large amount of money on trying to find a cure.  She bought all kinds of cream treatments, and had visits with the doctor.  Nothing seemed to help her daughter.  Finally, my grandmother suggested that she’d have her daughter take an oatmeal bath mixed with some mineral oil or almond oil with castor.  She said that this process provides a heavy type of oil for her skin that helps to relieve the itching, and doesn’t have any heavy fragrance and/or perfume scents.


Olive Oil

Until recently, trying to get rid of my eczema has been very frustrating.  Thankfully, a friend told me of a way to treat it.  She said that her method is a natural remedy for eczema.  I thought I had nothing to lose, and gave it a try.  Much to my amazement, it actually worked.  What you do is, get some cotton and soak it in olive oil and cover the affected areas with this.  If you put some on your hands, cover them with some white gloves.  If you use it on your feet, cover your feet with some white socks.


If you are like me and have suffered from eczema, I have a natural remedy that works.  Go to the store and get yourself some gold bond ultimate healing cream.  Then cover all the affected areas and keeps putting it on periodically throughout the day.  You will soon see it disappear.


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