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Fatigue Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Homeopathic Natural Remedies for Fatigue

A great homeopathic natural remedy for fatigue is phosphoricum acidum.


If you find that you are suffering from fatigue, pick up some tablets of mercurius vivus.  This is a great natural remedy.


If you find that you are always drowsy and find that you are fighting to stay awake throughout your busy day, then nux moshchata is right for you.  You'll find that this home treatment is a great home remedy for fatigue.


Your nervous system can be greatly affected by fatigue.  If you find that your fatigue is worse is cold, damp weather and shows improvement with heat, then rhus toxicodendron tablets will work well for you.  This is a homeopathic natural remedy that works very well for these symptoms of fatigue.


Detox Fatigue Natural Remedy

Fatigue can be the body's way of telling you that it needs to be detoxified.  The best way to accomplish this is by eating sweet fruit, drinking lots of water and taking Ayurvedic herbs.  It would also be wise to invest in a tongue cleaning device (stainless steel is best) to clean your mouth.


It is important to establish balance in your nervous system.  This helps your body to use its own natural clock, which can help alleviate fatigue.  The best way to regulate your body's internal clock and biological rhythms is by a regular eating and sleeping regimen. 


Massage Home Remedy for Fatigue

Ayurvedic massage is an excellent way to detoxify the body and relieve fatigue.  If you find that your fatigue is helped by massage, then it would be wise to invest in a massage package with a professional masseuse.  This will help remove toxins from your body over a period of time and will prove to be a fantastic natural treatment for fatigue.  Be advised to consume plenty of water after each massage.  Not only does water help with fatigue in its own right, but it also helps to flush the newly released toxins from the body.


Slow walking and yoga are great low-impact exercises that anyone can do.  It's important to include a proper warm up and cool down to fully relax the muscles after exercise. This is a very useful fatigue natural remedy.


Meditation as Home Remedy for Fatigue

Fatigue is often brought on by stress.  Perhaps one of the most effective ways to eliminate fatigue from our daily lives is to eliminate stress.  To do this, think of what causes you the most stress.  To overcome stressful situations, try meditation.  Meditate for fifteen minutes every day.  This will help alleviate stress and fatigue in a natural way.


Vitamin D Natural Remedy for Fatigue

One of the principal symptoms of fatigue is low levels of vitamin D.  Click on the following link to read about Vitamin D Deficiency and Fatigue.

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