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Genital Herpes Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Salt Natural Remedy

If you are experiencing pain and embarrassment and need a natural remedy for genital herpes; I have a good one for you.  You’ll need to start a very hot bath and add some salt to it and mix it around.  The bath doesn’t have to be super full, just enough to let you submerge and soak the necessary areas of your body.  This will lesson the pain and cause the herpes to bust and to also heal faster.



Whenever the affected areas began to itch; put some bleach on it.  Usually every four hours, will do the trick.  Just take a Q-tip and soak it in bleach, then apply it to the areas of need.


I must warn you about avoiding pregnancy and the possible onset of genital herpes.  If you are taking the Depo shot to avoid pregnancy, and you start to develop genital herpes; you need to stop taking the Depo shots.  My herpes outbreak was so bad that they wanted to do laser surgery.  I quit taking the Depo shots and my symptoms went away.



If you are feeling exhausted and tingly, and sense a genital herpes outbreak coming on; this home remedy will help you out.  Taking some L-Lysine and drink lots of orange juice.  You can get the L-Lysine at the grocery store or health food store.  It’s a vitamin sold at most of these places and doesn’t cost too much.  Be sure to eat foods that contain Lysine like yogurt.  You should take some Lysine every day and get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids.  Also, taking some Echinacea will help maintain your immune system. These are some of the best natural remedies for genital herpes.


When you feel that your genital herpes condition is starting flare up, a good natural remedy is to keep the threatened area dry and clean.  Apply some cornstarch powder to the area and also avoid wearing underwear in your sleep.


Tea Tree Oil Natural Remedy for Genital Herpes

When there is sign of an outbreak starting to happen, take lots of vitamin C and also take some L-Lysine.  Also, take some cotton balls and apply some tea tree oil and lavender oil or one of the other for some relief.



There is a good natural remedy for genital herpes that I’d like to pass along.  If you’re suffering from the itching; put some plain yogurt over the area.  Just get a napkin and dip it into some yogurt and put it over the area every couple of hours.  This will feel soothing and remove the itch.  Also, taking some lysine each day is good.  Another idea is to dab a little apple cider vinegar over the affected area.  Just be sure not to put on any apple cider vinegar after you have just shaved.  This will result in painful burning.  This a great natural remedy for genital herpes.


After a recent outbreak I discovered that I was able to numb the area from pain and also disinfect it by cleaning the area with TCP (neat or diluted).


Apple Cider Vinegar

After suffering for too long and spending too much money, I stumbled across a natural remedy for genital herpes that works great.  I went to Walmart and bought an inexpensive bottle of apple cider vinegar and some cotton balls.  A couple times a day I apply some of this to the affected areas and it stops any outbreak that has started.  It stings a little at first; but, will remove the itching and start the healing process.  This really cuts down on the number of days and severity of my breakouts in a big way!  Give this a try and you’ll be glad!


I think that I’m experiencing my first outbreak and I have discovered that my vaginal secretions really irritate the condition.  I have started to use a tampon to prevent the secretions from reaching the sores.  I change my tampons often to avoid TSS.  I also tuck the string up with the rest of the tampon to avoid any irritation on the sores.  I hope this is helpful!



I have had genital herpes for about five years now.  After trying many different things, I finally found a natural remedy for genital herpes that I really works for me.  First, I take a warm bath with Epsom salt and a little vinegar for about twenty minutes.  After I get out and dry, I take a peeled garlic clove and insert it in my vagina like you would a tampon.  You can also tie a sting around it to help with pulling it out with later.  Leave this in for about six hours when you go to sleep.  It is best to not wear panties at this time.  The garlic will cleanse your body of the bacteria that is causing your outbreak.  Unfortunately, you will taste the garlic as it goes into your blood stream.  After doing this process, you’ll feel a lot better.  Make sure you keep the area dry and clean.  If you wear panties, wear cotton only.  If this doesn’t improve your situation; you should see a doctor.



I first became diagnosed with genital herpes six years ago.  I remember how my first outbreak was complete torture.  Life was hard as I couldn’t wear pants, sleep, or even walk without pain and discomfort.  My doctor had me use valtrex and some topical.  However, before I was diagnosed, I thought I had a yeast infection so I took vagisil.  The vagisil really helped to reduce the pain.  You can get it anywhere and it is a real life saver.  It is one of the best natural home treatments and remedies for herpes I know of.   I’m just now having my first outbreak in six years and the vagisil is really helping until I see the doctor or try something else.


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