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Genital Warts Natural Home Remedies & Cures


Aspirin Natural Home Remedy for Genital Warts

For the past decade I have had genital warts and have received treatment by many dermatologists and my warts have always returned.  This is a very disheartening situation as your intimate relationships are out to dry.  There are some home remedies for genital warts like using vinegar, cotton and tape; but, the warts will return.  This is because HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is still inside your body.  The past couple of years I’ve done a lot of research on genital warts and have developed an effective home remedy that has worked for me.  The HPV makes proteins that messes with cellular functioning and can lead to excessive growth, including the development of tumors.  If you can improve your diet and take the right herbs and vitamins, you can improve your immune system.  If you combine this with using some topical treatment; you will be able to have a long term approach to curing these dreaded warts.  When you use wart removers, the main ingredient is salicylic acid.  This is essentially a combination of aspirin and something acidic.  Something acidic like lime juice, pineapple, or vitamin C, is wart removing.



Aspirin & Vinegar

My own natural remedy for genital warts involved making a paste made form the combination of aspirin and vinegar.  I would put this over the wart and when the paste had dried, I would cover it with tape and let it sit overnight.  The smaller wart typically took about three days to remove them.  The larger ones took about five days to remove from my penis.  The wart will turn black in a day or two; and be sure to not scrap or peel them off.  Just let them fall off naturally without any assistance.  After you have gotten rid of the warts; it is very important to maintain your immune system to prevent the warts from returning.  You can do this by taking some Elderberry extract which can often destroy the HPV by itself.  You can get it at your local health food store.  If you look up Elderberry extract, you also see additional supplements that you can also take.  By using Elderberry extract, you can remove the warts without pain; but, it will take a longer period of time.  Three times a day you will need to add 30 drops of this extract into a glass of water and drink it.  This amounts to 700 mg of Elderberry extract per dose.  You’ll need to do this until the warts go away.  This will usually take about a month or two.  After they are gone, keep taking one dose each day.  This will help to maintain your immune system and prevent the warts from returning.

I wish good luck to everyone!


Castor Oil

When my genital warts showed up, they were disgusting so I went to my doctor.  She said I should use Aldara but that didn’t work at all.  So I read about using castor oil and I gave it a try.  Each time a take a bath, I put on the castor oil.  It stopped the itching right away.  I didn’t make a plaster but instead I used a pad or panty sheen because it covers everything.  When using the toilet I would see the warts begin to come off on the toilet paper.  It was miraculous and I was so grateful!  So I can positively recommend using castor oil.  Also eat fresh garlic to combat the virus.  This is a great natural home remedy for genital warts that you should try.


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