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Genital Warts Natural Remedies & Home Treatments


Apple Cider Vinegar

I didn’t believe that this home remedy for genital warts would work; but, it worked great.  I was told about using apple cider vinegar, cotton balls, and some medical tape.  I was told that the type of tape didn’t matter much; but, I wasn’t going to use duct tape on this part of my body.  What you do is very simple and works.  Just dip some cotton balls into some vinegar and cover your wart with it.  You then hold it in place by taping it on.  Do this at night and leave it on until the following morning.  After you get up, then remove it before you start your day.  Keep doing this every night until the warts become black.  Then, just wait for them to fall off.  Don’t pull them off even if it is just hanging by a thread.  It will really hurt and your skin will not have healed as well.  After about three days, the warts will turn to black, and then about another three to four days, and the warts will fall off.  When this happens, use some skin cream like Neosporin.  I made the mistake of pulling one that was just hanging off and it really hurt bad and didn’t heal as well.  Also, I made another mistake by leaving the cotton on for two days straight because I was intent on getting rid of the warts.  This ended up burning my skin and looking bad.  You have to be patient when the warts have turned black and don’t pull them off.  I can’t believe that I had these warts for five years and in about a week I was able to get rid of them.  I have been told that this will permanently remove the warts as they won’t come back.  Give this a try, you have nothing to lose!  You can thank me later.  I only wish someone had told me little tips like not leaving the tape on for too long.



Red Pepper

I used to have genital warts for many years; but, now I have a natural remedy for genital warts that works great.  I make a paste out of chlorine, oregano, and a little red pepper with some icy/hot.  It only takes a day to get rid of them.  You have to be sure to not leave the paste on for more than a couple of minutes or you’ll really burn yourself.  I’ve been wart free for eight months.


Hydrogen Peroxid and Vinegar

Here is my take on a natural remedy for genital warts.  The first thing you need to do is to identify the problem.  You do this by clearing out the area with pubic hair removal.  You’ll need to be able to see all the warts that you have.  Some may be very tiny, so it is important to be able to catch them.  If you shave, use an anti-bacterial lotion soap instead of a normal shaving cream.  Try to shave around the warts and not cut them off.  The anti-bacterial lotion soap along with warm water works in killing the HPP virus.  Be sure to throw away the razor and use paper towels to dry up with.  You will want to use hydrogen peroxide over the whole area.  Always be sure to rinse and sanitize your hands.  Next, take a couple sheets of paper towels and soak them in apple cider vinegar.  Cover the whole genital area and hold them in place with some medical tape.  Keep this on overnight.  In the morning, when you remove the paper towels, you’ll notice the warts appearing as white bumps, or as crusty looking patches regarding the larger warts.  A easy way to do this is to use a small bottle of apple cider vinegar and place a cotton ball on the top, then turn it upside down to absorb the cotton.  After doing this, cut the cotton ball up into small bits to cover the warts with.  Again, use medical tape for securing it.  You should try to do this treatment consistently every night at the same time.  You should also be sure to always clean the area before and after treatment.  You’ll need to abstain from sex or masturbation during this process.  This process takes a little time to work.  After the first week, you‘ll see the warts harden, shrink, and turn to black.  Within three weeks the warts should be hanging by a thread before falling off like a scab.  Even though you may get rid of the warts; remember that you still have the HPP virus in your body.  So, be sure to use protected sex, and to let others know of your condition.  After awhile, it is possible for your body to develop a natural defense with the production of antigens through white blood cells that will keep the HPP virus form acting up.  Lastly, take a couple of garlic tablets daily and maintain a healthy diet and this will help boost up your immune system.  It’s also obvious that smoking and drinking will make matters worse as they create damaging free radicals that hinder the immune system.


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