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Heart Disease Natural Remedies, Home Remedies, Cures & Treatments



Plant Based Diet

It is so important to eat healthy to keep our body alive so that the quality of our life is at an optimum level. I attended a health retreat given my Dr. McDougall in Santa Rosa California. I was utterly amazed by the amount of misleading information given to the public in regards to heart disease and diet, yet fortunately Dr. McDougall opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating and living in order to heal my heart and help my body function in the manner it is intended to! Eating a diet full of veggies, fruits, whole grains, pasta, potatoes and brown rice will turn your life around and help to prevent heart disease altogether! If you have the financial means to attend a Dr. McDougall resident program I can guarantee you it will change your life and heal your body. If you are suffering from heart disease please visit Dr. McDougall’s website: http://drmcdougall.com/med_heart2.html

Also you can read about a low-fat vegan diet here.


Avoid Dairy

Milk and dairy products have been shown to cause heart disease in numerous clinical studies.  Click here to read more about Milk Dangers and Heart Disease.


Testosterone as Heart Disease Natural Remedy

More Americans die from heart disease, especially men, than from any other malady.  The large majority of medical practitioners are still back in the Dark Ages when it comes to testosterone and heart disease.  They think that men have more heart disease because they have more elevated testosterone levels than to women!  The evidence to the contrary is vast and overwhelming.  Men with testosterone levels that are higher, have much healthier hearts and cardiovascular systems plus they live longer and their quality of life is higher.  Click here to read studies on Testosterone and Heart Disease.


Quitting Smoking Home Remedy for Treating Heart Disease

If you are a smoker you need to quit smoking to help your heart heal. Smoking is one of the most major risks contributing to heart disease. Nicotine constricts blood vessels which help to supply your heart with blood making and in turn your heart has to work much harder than it would otherwise have to work. I know it is very difficult to quit smoking because I had to quit smoking as well, but it is well worth quitting in order to save your heart and ultimately saving your life! Search for support groups that have other people who are quitting smoking as well. The mutual support will help to make your quit easier.


Diet as Natural Home Remedy for Heart Disease

Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, has written bestselling books, done monumental research on diet and heart disease and helped thousands to recover from the number one killer (heart disease).  Check out his site and consider buying his books.  Also go to You Tube and you can watch him giving talks.  http://www.pmri.org/index.html


Beet Juice

Beet juice is a very natural cure for helping to heal and prevent heart disease. Beet juice is an excellent source of nutrients that not only help improve the cardiovascular function of your heart but also help to reduce blood pressure at the same time. I heard about beet juice through a friend so I decided to research the possible benefits of this amazing juice through various home remedy websites. I have to watch my heart and also my blood pressure so I decided to try drinking beet juice to see if it could help. I was shocked to watch my blood pressure drop dramatically after only 24 hours of drinking the beet juice. There is a great juicer made by Breville. I now make green juice daily and add fresh washed beets to my mix. If you wish to watch a wonderful video about the positive health benefits to juicing I recommend this video: http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/  It is not only a super informative video but also highly entertaining and inspiring at the same time!


Honey and Lemon Water

Honey is an amazing natural home remedy for many ailments and diseases. I have come to find out that mixing a tablespoon of honey with a glass of lemon water daily is a wonderful natural cure and home remedy for heart disease. Honey along with the lemon helps to strengthen your heart. Drink this solution each night before bed.


Apple a Day

A super healthy alternate way to treat heart disease is to simply eat an apple a day. The old saying of an apple a day to keep the doctor away is true! Apples have heart stimulating properties that really help keep heart disease at bay.


Parsley Natural Home Remedy for Heart Disease

Parsley juice, or raw parsley is wonderful and nutritious for your heart. This natural remedy can be taken as tea and drank 3-4 times a day or eaten or juiced! I prefer juicing the parsley.


Avoid Excessive Alcohol

If you drink alcohol make sure that you do not over drink. Excessive alcohol intake is very hard on your heart. A home remedy for heart disease prevention is to limit your intake of alcohol.


Vitamin E

Boosting the amount of vitamin E you take will help to strengthen your heart. In studies it has been shown that vitamin E is a natural cure that is helpful toward increasing the overall function of the heart. Vitamin E also helps to improve the oxygenation of your heart. This is a very good home remedy for heart disease.


Tulsi Juice and Honey

Mixing a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of tulsi juice with a glass of water each morning is a great alternative treatment for heart disease. I suggest drinking this solution on an empty stomach. I have been drinking the tulsi juice for some time now and feel better all the way around.



I was researching heart disease for my husband who needs to watch his diet due to the condition of his heart. We prefer the natural remedies for heart disease versus the commercial drugs and medicines. I found that it has been proven that ginger is possibly as effective as aspirin to use as a preventative for heart attacks and strokes. This is worth researching further. I be sure and update my results of research.


It has been proven that smoking increases the risk of heart disease. A home remedy for heart disease is to not smoke! Smoking increases the chances of you having a heart attack.


Ginkgo Biloba

If you take ginkgo biloba daily you will be helping the blood to flow better through your heart and also your brain. Ginkgo biloba is a great help and natural cure for heart disease since it helps to open blood flow to and through your heart and brain it also dilates your arteries.


Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has been used to help people calm heart palpitations and also can lower blood pressure. This alternative treatment for heart disease is an easy nice remedy to have on hand.


Forks Over Knives

If you have high blood pressure or diabetes you may be at risk for heart disease. It is very important to take this seriously. The most natural remedy you can do for heart disease, or high blood pressure and diabetes is to eat a healthy plant based diet. I watched a movie recently called Forks over Knives. It is the best movie I have ever seen for explaining the crucial role that diet plays in our lives. Please watch this movie if you are suffering from heart disease or any other condition. Tell your friends and family about this movie too you may help to save lives! Here is the link to the movie: http://www.forksoverknives.com/


Onion Juice Home Remedy for Heart Disease

Just drinking a tablespoon of fresh onion juice daily is a very good home remedy for heart disease prevention and treatment. Onion juice is helpful in normalizing excess blood cholesterol through oxidation.



If you take the herb rosemary as a dietary supplement you will be ingesting a natural cure for heart disease. Rosemary is one of the richest antioxidant herbs there is and it not only dilates blood vessels but also works as a circulatory stimulant.


Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid

It has been proven that vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid are helpful in preventing the reoccurrence of blocked arteries in people who have undergone angioplasty surgery.


Pomegranate Leaves

If you take the leaves of a pomegranate plant and grind them up and mix them with water, then strain the leaves out, you have created a drink that is good for you and actually is a home remedy for heart disease. Drink one glass a day of this mixture to help protect your heart against heart disease.


Meditation and Relaxation

Each morning when we awake we have a choice of making our day a peaceful, relaxed day or one filled with stress and unnecessary worries. In order to keep our heart and overall health in check we not only need to eat a very healthy diet and avoid drugs, smoking and excessive alcohol use yet we also need to pay attention to the stress levels in our life.We truly do have a choice in how we react to outer stresses. Granted there are many challenges that we face each day that we have no control over, however we do have control over how we react to these challenges. If we awaken each day with a positive outlook we are already ahead of the game! Better yet, if we not only awaken with a positive outlook but also meditate first thing in the morning we are helping to ensure that our day will be filled with a core foundation of underlying peace and calm. This peace and calm state of being can be obtained through daily meditation practices. Meditation is a simple alternative treatment for heart disease. If we can regulate the how stress impacts our daily life our heart will thank us for it!


Vitamin C Ascorbate Heart Disease Home Remedy

Our bodies are in constant need of repair. Our arteries and veins need collagen to which we get through taking ascorbate vitamin C. If we do not ingest enough vitamin C our arteries will form lesions through disrepair. Vitamin C helps to strengthen our heart in such a natural way. There is an article all about vitamin C at this website I found. This home remedy for heart disease is really powerful. Please read this article if you have any concerns about your heart: http://www.cqs.com/cvd.htm . It is never too late to start repairing a damaged heart. Our health is immediately impacted by any and all healthy life changes we make.


Losing Weight

I weighed quite a bit over the suggested average weight of a person my age and hence my blood pressure was high and the doctor was concerned about my heart. Since changing my diet I have lost weight and also lowered my blood pressure.  I feel it is super important I share this news with you because I know now that we all have the power to improve our health through changing our diet. Not only did my blood pressure go down but my cholesterol also was lowered significantly.

Fat is deadly to our bodies. The more weight we carry means we are also packing fat around all of our crucial organs. Our heart has to work much harder to haul around extra weight. The best natural remedy for heart disease is to lose weight if you are overweight at all.

There are many wonderful health plans and diets that help you lose weight. Just cutting out milk and all dairy products and fried foods, meats and sugars will help you to quickly lose pounds. Don’t waste time on those diets that encourage prepackaged processed foods, instead research the diets that embrace whole foods, vegetables, and whole grains. Even eating potatoes will help you lose weight and drop your blood pressure as long as you do not add butter and fatty dressings to the potato. There are many yummy toppings for baked potatoes including fat free gravies you can make. Visit your local health food store and search for some brown gravy packages that are vegan and fat free, you will be pleasantly surprised how well they taste. Our entire body is impacted by each and every food we eat therefore if we eat healthy foods our body in turn will become super healthy and feel so much better. There is no home remedy for heart disease better than eating well. My friend attended a Dr. McDougall seminar a couple years ago and this literally changed her life. Visit http://www.drmcdougall.com and read all the inspiring life changing stories written by real people who have not only lost weight but reversed heart disease at the same time.


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