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Heart Disease Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Cures & Treatments



Cayenne Pepper and Ginger

Please look into using cayenne pepper as an alternative and natural remedy for heart disease. Cayenne pepper helped save my husband’s life. He had suffered multiple heart attacks and was in the hospital a couple times for about 10 days each time. They used a stint on him and then gave him all sorts of medicines. When he came home from the hospital he became very ill, even ended up bleeding from his rectum due to the balloon procedure they did on him. One of the medicines they gave him caused him to bleed, it was called Plavix. I could barely stand watching my husband slowly dying so I decided to research alternative treatments for heart disease. I discovered cayenne pepper and ginger. Cayenne pepper is naturally known to stop bleeding and ginger helps to keep blood clots from forming. Well, after drinking my new home remedy of cayenne pepper and ginger my husband’s bleeding stopped within 24 hours. I gave him a drink made up of 2 capsules of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, one capsule of powdered ginger. I mix all of these ingredients into a full glass of water. This is an amazing natural remedy for heart disease.


Turmeric Heart Disease Home Remedy

I had a heart attack back in 1997. At that time the doctors told me there was irreparable damage done to my heart. I have known about a home remedy for heart disease using turmeric powder. I decided to try the natural remedy I heard about I had nothing to lose and only my health to gain. I took one quarter teaspoon of turmeric and mixed it with 8 ounces of water and drank this each day for one full year. After my annual exam the doctors told me there was no longer any damage to my heart. I totally believe my heart repaired due to the turmeric I was taking.


Organic Wheat Grass Juice and Magnesium

My heart has weakened due to age and stress and my doctor was wanting me to take commercial medications but I was leery of these medicines because of friends who had strong reactions to them when they had heart problems. I decided to look into alternative treatments for heart disease. I found many really good home remedies for heart disease. One that has stuck with me is drinking fresh organic wheat grass each day, just a small glass and also taking a magnesium supplement. Magnesium helps to lower blood pressure as well. Before you take over the counter medications do some research for yourself and look into alternative treatments for heart disease.


Drinking UnChlorinated Water

Chlorinated water is very unhealthy for our heart. My natural remedy for heart disease is basically to eat a good healthy diet and to stop drinking chlorinated water. There are numerous studies on the dangerous effects of drinking chlorinated water and one of the greatest risks we face when we drink chlorine is heart disease. Chlorinated water is also supposed to raise our risk of getting various cancers as well.



My stomach was really hurting and acting up and I found out that I had too much bacteria growing in my stomach which in turn can cause heart disease and other health problems. Through surfing on the web for alternative treatments for heart disease I came upon studies revealing information about the positive uses of probiotics in the treatment of heart disease. This may not be your problem but if you are suffering from a sour or achy stomach you might look into taking a daily probiotic to protect your heart from further damage.


Lysine Powder with Vitamin C

This great home remedy for heart disease has dramatically improved the function of my heart. It took time and dedication to making this solution each day and drinking it, yet it is worth it. I make a drink using water and 2 grams of Lysine powder and 2 grams of ascorbate vitamin C three times a day. I found out about this wonderful life saving home remedy for heart disease by reading articles written by Dr. Linus Pauling  http://www.paulingtherapy.com .



Many adults are deficient in minerals. Our fruits and vegetables are grown in mineral deficient soil any more so we are not getting the vitamins and minerals our bodies so desperately need to be healthy.  Our ancestors naturally received their daily minerals and vitamins through the foods they ate, now in order for most of us to keep our mineral intake normal we need to supplement. A diet deficient in minerals is very unhealthy for our heart. My natural remedy for the treatment and also the prevention of heart disease is taking a daily mineral supplement. Our living cells depend upon minerals for healthy functioning and regeneration.  I became interested in learning about the role minerals play in heart disease due to a relative’s recent heart attack. Through research and education I am very convinced that many of us suffer from mineral deficiency. Take your minerals!


Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a wonderful alternative treatment for heart disease. Blackstrap molasses has nutrients and minerals that help to strengthen your heart. Take a large tablespoon of blackstrap molasses each day.


L-Carnitine, Q10 and Magnesium

I was a runner who had a heart attack. After my heart attack I was very driven to learn all I could about natural remedies for healing heart disease. I came upon one that has literally changed my life. I now take the supplements of l-carnitine, Q10 and magnesium. I am a vegetarian as well. If you suffer from heart disease you need to find home remedies to help to strengthen your heart.  Just changing your diet and looking at ways to get more exercise can truly make a big difference in the quality of your life.


Walking 2 Miles a Day

I now know how important regular exercise is for my heart to be healthy. The best home remedy for heart disease is to walk a couple miles each day. Even a shorter walk on a daily basis is better than not exercising at all. When we exercise daily we are helping to increase the blood flow to our heart and also improve the overall function of our heart. Walking also is a natural mood booster. Walking will bring a smile to your face and a healthy beat to your heart!


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