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Hernia Rupture Natural Home Remedies & Treatments



Aloe Vera Juice

Drink a half of a cup of aloe vera juice once in the morning and then again in the evening as a natural remedy for hernia-rupture.


Chiropractic Treatment

One very helpful treatment for hernia related issues is to see a chiropractor. This is a natural cure for hernia-rupture that is effective and has proven to work. The chiropractor will realign the pelvic bone which in turns allows the muscles in the abdomen to have the strength to keep the inguinal canal closed.



Acupuncture is a natural treatment for hernia-rupture. The acupuncturist will help to relieve your pain and encourage naturally healing of the body.



American ginseng is an excellent natural cure for hernia-rupture because it really helps to build up the internal immune defenses and promotes natural healing.


A must natural remedy for hernia-rupture is to completely avoid drinking any alcohol.


Drink Warm Tea

If you have a hernia-rupture that has been diagnosed by a physician and they want you to try and allow it to repair at home I suggest a natural remedy for hernia that is unusual but can work. Make some warm chamomile tea and sit quietly in a hot room while you drink it. Afterward lie down on your back and rest.


Correct Diagnosis

If you feel you have a hernia-rupture it is crucial that you have a knowledgeable physician diagnose what type of hernia you may have. Some hernias can be life threatening while others merely need rest and time for healing. Many hernia require surgery. I feel it is super important that no matter what home remedy you choose to help your hernia-rupture ends up being first and foremost make sure you have a correct diagnosis.


Deglycyrrhizinated Licorce

There has been studies done at various medical centers and universities. The University of Maryland Medical Center did a study using deglycyrrhizinated licorice for the natural treatment of hiatal hernia treatment. They concluded that hiatal hernia symptoms can be lessened through using this licorice as a home remedy. They suggest taking 250 to 500mg of an extract that contains 20 percent glycyrrizinic acid.


Avoid Certain Foods and Spices

To ease the symptoms associated with a hernia a natural cure is to avoid eating certain foods that increase acid and unrest in your stomach. Onions, chocolate, tomato sauce and tomatoes and all spicy foods should be avoided as best as you can. Eat small easily digested meals so that you do not have to suffer bloating and stress in the abdominal area.


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