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Herpes Natural Remedies, Treatments, Cures & Home Remedies




I have a treatment for herpes which is a supplement called L-Lysine as a natural home remedy. I take 1250 mg of L-Lysine. This supplement works wonderfully to prevent outbreaks. If you start to feel any tingle whatsoever, increase the dose to 1000 mg three times per day. This will most likely prevent an outbreak, and if it does not prevent an outbreak it will at least be much less severe. Continue taking L-Lysine throughout the outbreak and this should shorten the length of time you suffer from herpes. This natural remedy and cure for herpes is really helpful. It is also super important to make sure you keep the infected area clean and dry. I also use tea tree oil after I clean and dry the area. I take a soft q-tip and dip it in the tea tree oil and then I gently dab the tea tree oil on the area. You can also dab golden seal oil on the area. Make sure you do not re-dip the same q-tip in the tea tree oil or someone else could become infected if they were to use it. It is also very important to make sure you take really good care of your overall health. For instance you need to get plenty of sleep each night, avoid chocolate and caffeine. Avoid stress! Accept yourself and do not allow the stigma that society has attached to herpes. You did not do anything wrong. Millions of people have herpes. Self-forgiveness is a big lesson to be learned through the whole process. Last but not least I have found some other products that help a lot. There is a L-Lysine cream and H-Balm essential oil that is a wonderful home remedy for herpes. I have also used lavender oil as a natural cure for herpes and what I do is add a few drops of lavender essential oil to my warm bath water. Lemon Balm tea is also a soothing natural remedy that helps me a lot. Good luck to all of you!


Avoid Stress

One of the most helpful herpes natural cures I have learned to help me avoid a herpes breakout is to avoid stress. Stress in and of itself can actually cause an outbreak to occur. The better you take care of yourself through  eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and making sure you relax each day will help your body’s immune system to fight off a herpes outbreak. Meditation and quiet time are both great ways to achieve a stress free way of life.


Zovirax Natural Treatment for Herpes

The best natural treatment for herpes is to use Zovirax cream. A nurse told me about this cream and when I used it the outbreak went away within a week.


Oxy Silver

I was diagnosed with genital herpes and I was so depressed. I heard about this wonderful natural cure for herpes using oxy silver. I was doubtful at first but wanted to try anyway. Well I tried this and I have been completely cured of herpes confirmed by my doctor. Here is the site I purchased my oxy silver from: http://www.healthyworldaffiliates.com/aff1916/healthy-world-products-oxysilver-528-8oz-p-940.html This wonderful solution also works in healing of many other conditions!


Hand Washing

Herpes is extremely contagious and we all come into contact with it daily. It is super important to make sure we wash our hands after touching grocery carts, and touching door handles in public. We also need to wash our hands before preparing food and before eating. Do not share tooth brushes or razers with anyone. If you are sexually active be sure to use a condom and and also do not be promiscuous. You can contract herpes through kissing, intercourse and oral sex.


Apple Cider Vinegar

If I have a herpes infection I do not use commercial medication instead I like the natural remedy option for herpes. I immediately take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a half a cup of cold water. Do not use hot water because it will kill the natural healing power of the apple cider vinegar. I also take quantum lysine products. I take three capsules of this a day.  I love healing teas as well. I like Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Lemon Balm and Licorice Root teas. Avoid red wine, chocolate, caffeine and kind of food or drink with toxins. I also meditate and use healing affirmations to help my immune system. Do not let this get you down it will get better.


Ice Pack

Take ice and apply it to the infected area. Then after the ice use a hair dryer and dry the area. This natural cure really works to heal herpes.


Oil of Oregano

Taking oil of oregano and drinking lots of water is a super good natural treatment for herpes. Also avoid stress it will only make it worse.


HPX Vitamin

My name should reflect the royal queen of herpes. I do not have genital herpes but I have suffered from mostly all other forms of herpes including shingles and facial herpes.  I have outbreaks in my eyes, on my nose, mouth, lips, chin, cheeks and neck. Basically I suffer from many outbreaks everywhere. I have tried so many different types of treatments.  I used vitamin E by applying it directly onto an open sore, and although it gives some relief, it is not much. I totally advice you to stay far away from bleach because it is truly toxic and will only hurt you. I found a product that I like and it works really well. It is a natural remedy for herpes that is non-toxic and super healing. It is called HPX. I learned that by taking 2 a day you can avoid an outbreak altogether. The ingredients are olive leaf, selenium, vitamin E, zinc, and Lysine. You can purchase this from a health food store or a naturopath. Stress can  trigger outbreaks, so please avoid stress as much as possible. I have gone through an incredible amount of stress in the past 6 months but since taking this natural cure I have not experienced any outbreaks at all. I wish you all luck!


Bee Pollen

A natural remedy for herpes prevention is to take one teaspoon of bee pollen each day.


Valtrex and Zovirax

I was diagnosed with herpes last May.  I found out through experiencing an outbreak. I just did not know what was wrong. The doctor I saw put me on Valtrex as well as Zovirax to treat my symptoms. Luckily I have never had an outbreak again and no longer need any medications.  I do take some steps to prevent this from ever happening again. I also use natural cures for herpes prevention like anti- bacterial body soap. I also keep my stress level as low as possible. I only wear cotton underwear and eat well.


Liquid Olive Leaf

I use a liquid form of olive leaf as a natural remedy for herpes outbreaks. There are a couple different brands you can buy. You need to use at least 20 -44 drops of the olive leaf liquid in a some water and apply this 3-4 times a day. Using this natural cure along with L-Lysine will truly help you. I rarely ever have any problems at  now because of using this incredible home remedy for herpes.


Acyclovir Home Remedy for Herpes

When I was originally diagnosed in 2005 I had numerous outbreaks and was very unhappy about the whole situation. When I discovered acyclovir my life changed. I used to take about 1000 mg of acyclovir when I felt an outbreak starting. Now I have not had any outbreaks for over 2 years because of how well I take care of myself. I used to stress out because of this and then I found out how many people actually have this. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Be honest with your partner and you will see everything will be ok.


Rubbing Alcohol and Lysine

When I get blisters from herpes I use the most natural treatment I can find that really works for me. I take rubbing alcohol and gently apply it to the outbreak area. I then make sure I take 1000mg L-Lysine every day I am battling the infection until the blisters start to go away. When the blisters come back I dab them with a q-tip saturated in rubbing alcohol. This natural remedy for herpes burns really bad but works really well.



When I get herpes out break the home remedy that works for me is to just apply a little bit of Neosporin to them. This really works.



There is a wonderful pant from India called hyperisince that is the best natural remedy for herpes. They did these studies in India that have proven that this natural cure actually completely heals herpes forever. Since I used this amazing home remedy I have not experienced another outbreak. They have not completed any studies in the USA for this treatment.  You can buy it online.  This is one of the best natural home remedies and cures for herpes


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