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Herpes Natural Home Remedies, Treatments & Cures



Liquid Vitamin 02

Unfortunately 10 years ago I was diagnosed with herpes from only a skin contact. I tried Valtrex but it did not work for me at all because I kept experiencing outbreaks. Then a friend of mine gave me this really great natural home cure remedy for herpes made from a liquid vitamin called 02 that she purchased from a GNC store. I have been taking 02 for nine years now and have not suffered another outbreak in this past 9 years. It really works great!



I ended up with Herpes Virus II in the very early 70s before many people knew much about the disease. It really scared me a lot until I did some research about it. I ended up getting a number of medical degrees and so now I have a much deeper understanding about it altogether. Through trial and error and research I have found that some drugs work where others will not. Many medications are very effective where as others fail. This is why it is important to speak with a knowledgeable physician.  I learned that sweating, heat and stress would make me have outbreaks. When this happens  I use ice packs made out of little sandwich bags as an effective herpes home remedy natural treatment. I do believe Acyclovir cream works the Acyclovir capsules do as well. I have to completely avoid the sun otherwise I have outbreaks that last for months at a time.  Ice is still the best natural treatment for me but make sure you use a soft dry cloth to damp dry the area afterward. Cleanliness is utmost important as well. De-stressing will help you tremendously too.  Good luck.



I was recently diagnosed with herpes and tried Valtrex but it did not work for me although I read that it does work for some people. I learned about another natural remedy for herpes using garlic. I tried it and it works wonders for me. I take a clove of garlic and boil it for a couple minutes let it steep then drink the garlic tea. I also slice up a clove of garlic and place the garlic right on the lesion. It really hurts but really works.


Free of Shame

I must tell everyone that none of you should feel shame for having herpes. We did not ask for it but we have it. Most important natural cure for herpes is to be guilt free, shame free and stress free. Also be honest with any new partner so they are aware. I felt so bad about myself even though I acquired this through rape. The only way we can stop this from spreading is by being honest and taking good care of ourselves. There is much research out these days that indicates complete cures for herpes. It is not impossible to completely heal.  Keep your chin up it will get better.


Vaseline Home Remedy for Herpes

My doctor told me to use Vaseline on my sores. It is a home remedy to relieve the soreness and itching of herpes but will not completely cure. You will feel better though.



My mother works in the medical field in hospitals. She told me that it is so easy to catch herpes in numerous ways. She said it is really important to be careful who and what you touch. I ended up with herpes and I am only a teenager who has never had sex. I contracted it from using a wash cloth that someone infected had used. Now I take zincs a natural remedy when I have breakouts.


Gold Bond and Neosporin

I found a way to help relieve my pain and itching from herpes. This natural cure is Gold Bond Cream and Neosporin. I use this with each break out. I get instant relief. Be careful who you allow to kiss you in your private parts. I got this from my boyfriend giving me oral sex.


Highly Concentrated Sugar Water

If you are suffering from herpes there is an easy and effective natural home remedy for herpes that really works. Make some sugar water using a large amount of sugar. Dab the sugar water on the infected areas several times a day and you will find relief. It will make you feel sticky but it really works great.


Myrrh and Tea Tree Oil Bath

Herpes is not fun to deal with at first but it will get better if you are healthy and follow certain guidelines. Basically you will want to avoid stress and eat healthy. Do not drink alcohol or smoke or eat spicy foods. Also a great natural remedy for herpes that is also soothing is to make a bath up and add about 20 drops of each Myrrh oil and Tea Tree Oil. You can purchase both of these essential oils at a health food store. After you get out of the bath, and you towel dry, you can take a q-tip and dab these same oils directly on the affected area. This helps a lot.


Bitter Melon

I researched herpes home remedies and found one that sounds quite interesting. They say if you take bitter melon extract pills this is a natural cure for herpes. I have not tried it yet but hope to soon.


Be Safe

I want to warn people about having sex with people they do not know. I am only 17 and my ex-boyfriend gave this to me. He did not tell me he had it. I have a new boyfriend who knows and all is well but I still feel bad about it. I know that being safe is the best home remedy for herpes.


Healthy Immune System

Everyone is missing the point here. The best natural remedy for herpes is to have a healthy immune system. I drink lots of green tea and take good care of myself and I have not had a reoccurrence of herpes in years. You can also take Beta Glucan the greatest immune system tonifier ever discovered. Take good care of yourself!


Magnesium and Vitamin D

If you are having breakouts from herpes I have a natural cure that will help you. I have herpes and have tried a lot of different home remedies for it. I have found out what works best. I take magnesium in the morning and vitamin D at night. Since I have started this routine I have not had a breakout.


Honey, Lemon and Cinnamon Water

If you want to feel better this natural treatment for herpes will help you. Make a glass up with cinnamon, lemon juice and honey in water. Drinking this daily and this will help to kill any virus in your system.


Red Marine Algae

I have been spending a lot of time searching for natural remedies that help heal herpes. I spent some time with a very knowledgeable person at the health food store who highly recommended taking red marine algae for herpes. He said this natural cure has been proven to work in the fight to heal herpes. I am going to try it out.


Juniper Berry

I heard that juniper berries is a natural cure for herpes.


Peaceful Living

I have been married to the same man for 13 years and I have had herpes. I have only had 2 outbreaks in all that time and have also had 3 children. My husband has never contracted the virus nor was natural childbirth an issue. Your partner can contract the virus if you have an outbreak. I just wanted to let people know that it is not all doom and gloom and it can get better and you can live a very normal life. My home remedy for herpes is avoiding stress and to live a peaceful life. Good Luck.


Burdock Root, Goldenseal and Echinacea

Since getting herpes I have tried a few different remedies. The best natural remedy I have found to work for me is a solution made up of a witch hazel base and then burdock root, goldenseal and Echinacea. I apply this solution to the affected area several times a day and I also internally take burdock root, and Echinacea. I also take vitamin C and garlic. These  natural home remedies and natural cures for herpes really help me keep outbreaks away.


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