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High Cholesterol Natural Remedies, Cures & Home Remedies




Garlic is a fabulous natural remedy for treating and curing high cholesterol. The wonderful thing about garlic is you can take it in capsule form, eat it or even drink it in juice! Garlic works to reduce cholesterol build up in your vascular walls and it also helps prevent calcification from building up in the first place. If you take garlic regularly you will not only help to reduce your cholesterol, this natural home remedy will also lower blood pressure, reduce the chances of getting cancer, heart disease and also help to regulate blood sugars. I highly recommend garlic as a natural cure for high cholesterol. I put garlic in my salad, my casseroles, my steamed veggies and I also juice it when I make my green juice in the morning!


Healthy Vegan Diet

The very best natural cure and home remedy for high cholesterol is to eat a plant based vegan diet. Dr. McDougall (a renowned authority on healing disease through healthy diet) has written some very interesting and compelling articles about the relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease. He says that a low-fat, no-cholesterol diet will reduce your cholesterol dramatically and also help to prevent the opportunity for heart disease to ever develop. Animal meats are full of saturated fat and make your blood clot. The day you quit eating meat your blood automatically begins to thin out. Animal fats also increase the production of certain hormones which in turn cause our blood vessels to constrict which increases the chance of our blood clotting. If you have high cholesterol pleased read Dr. McDougall’s article: http://www.drmcdougall.com/med_cholesterol.html this information could save your life. He has much more information on his website about healing other diseases through eating a healthy diet. I spent a week at one of his 5 day workshops and was very impressed with everything I learned. His knowledge about diet and disease has saved my life and it could easily save yours or a loved one’s life as well! Do not delay, check out http://www.drmcdougall.com !


Guggul Gum

Guggul Gum is an ayurvedic remedy that has been thoroughly tested by the Indian Health Sciences Service.  It was found to be as effective as patent drugs such as statins at lowering cholesterol.  Read more about Guggul Gum here.



If you want the very best natural remedy for curing high cholesterol then beta-sitosterol is it! If you could only take one supplement, take this one.  This is the safest supplement which has many scientific studies proving that is very effective at lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterols.  The research on this has been written in prestigious medical journals for over fifty years. However, most people have not heard of it.  The amount of medical research that has been published is absolutely astonishing!  A medicine that is all natural, non-toxic and more effective than statins will not get publicity because it can’t be patented and thus there is no money to be made by the pharmaceutical companies.  Go here to read a few of the many studies on beta-sitosterol.



Probably the most important mineral is magnesium as a natural remedy for high cholesterol.  Magnesium has been called the Cadillac of minerals because so many other minerals require it to be metabolized by the body.  Even if you have a diet high in whole grains, it is wise to take a magnesium supplement of about 250 mg daily. There are many medical studies that show magnesium’s numerous health benefits including reducing cholesterol and also lowering blood pressure.


Soy Isoflavones

The two most important isoflavones for as a natural remedy for high cholesterol are genestein and daidzein.  These are not to be confused with “phytoestrogens” which is a false assertion that we hear quite a lot.  Plant hormones do not exist.  These s;ubstances are flavones and entirely unrelated to estrogen or any other type of hormone.  Flavones are plant pigment flavonoids.  There are endless medical studies on the health benefits of isoflavones for most any medical condition and additional ones are being written in the medical journals every week. You will need to take about 40 mg of these daily as a natural remedy for your high cholesterol.  Go here to read about some of the many studies done on soy isolflavones.


Green Tea

Drinking green tea has been shown to be a home remedy that helps reduce high cholesterol and heart disease.



I had high cholesterol and was searching for ways of reducing it. I already ate a pretty good diet and wanted an additional remedy to help lower it. The natural remedy for high cholesterol I found that seemed to work really well for me was adding lecithin to my daily diet. Lecithin has the wonderful ability to break down cholesterol into tiny particles and then help release it from our system. Lecithin is present in many natural foods but what I found that worked best was purchasing a bad of lecithin from the health food store. I add this to a smoothie I make in the morning using almond milk. I also sprinkle it on cereal.


Inositol, Vitamin B6 and Choline

Adding certain vitamins and supplements to your diet can help aid in the reduction of cholesterol. I am a health nut already but learned a lot more when I had a blood test for my cholesterol levels and it came back over 200. I wanted to reduce it with a natural cure for high cholesterol versus drugs. I purchased inositol, vitamin B6 and some choline to add these to my diet. Check out your local health food store and pick up these supplements that naturally reduce high cholesterol.


Vitamin E Home Remedy for High Cholesterol

My mom has been taking vitamin E for a long time to help keep her cholesterol levels healthy. She had high cholesterol and wanted a home remedy that was easy and healthy to lower it. Since she began taking vitamin E her cholesterol is lower. This is probably because vitamin E helps to elevate blood lecithin thus reduces cholesterol. She adds sunflower seeds and other sprouts and grains to her diet because they are rich in vitamin E. She takes a daily vitamin E supplement. Good luck!


Drinking Water

To eliminate excessive cholesterol from your body it is helpful to drink a lot of water. Drinking at least 8 glasses if not 10 glasses of water a day will help activate the excretory functioning of the skin and kidneys which in turn helps to rid your body of extra cholesterol. Drinking water is a wonderful natural remedy for high cholesterol.


Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine Fo Ti is used as a home remedy for high cholesterol.



My friend told me that a natural remedy for high cholesterol is to take artichoke leaf extract.  A few studies have shown that if you took enough, it could lower your cholesterol. 


Apple Cider Vinegar

I have had high cholesterol for a long time. My cholesterol was 225 and my HDL was higher than it should be. My doctor wanted me to take medication yet I still wanted to try and lower it naturally. I eat a good diet but that alone was not doing the job, so I researched many home remedies for high cholesterol and could see that apple cider vinegar was predominant in submitted home remedies for high cholesterol that worked. So, I began to use apple cider vinegar daily and within 2 months my cholesterol was lowered to about 183. My HDL was lower too but still not within the guidelines for a normal or healthy reading. The nurse encouraged me to start the medication however I still wanted to try a few more months on my own through using natural remedies. I continued on with my daily apple cider vinegar. I purchase the organic apple cider because I believe it is healthier. I also began to use ground flaxseed on my cereal each morning. Within 4 more months my cholesterol had really dropped. My doctor was surprised and could no longer encourage me to take statin drugs. I really encourage everyone to try the natural cure for high cholesterol. Diet plays a key role in not only lowering our cholesterol but also for our overall health!


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