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Hormone Balancing Natural Remedies, Therapies & Home Treatments



Blackstrap Molasses

I began taking blackstrap molasses to balance hormones naturally and it is working for me. I also have found that just taking a couple tablespoons a day reduces my sugar cravings as well.



My body has been out of whack for some time now. I finally discovered that I suffer from hormone imbalance. I read on a website that detoxifying your body is a natural remedy for hormone balance. I decided to try a fast. I did not want to do a water or water and lemon juice fast because I thought that might be too harsh for me. I opted for a juice fast. I found a number of websites that help teach you how to fast in a safe and healthy way. One of the websites is called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Here is the link: http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/  It is a wonderful video on juicing and healing! When juicing make sure to take extra good care of yourself through getting proper sleep and mild exercise. I also take Epsom salt baths to help draw out the toxins.


Flax Seed Oil

My skin was dry and blemished and I reads about the benefits of taking flax seed oil for your skin. While using flax seed oil for my skin I began to notice another benefit to this natural therapy that included helping hormone balance. During my menstruation my moods are much more balanced and I am feeling better all over.


Kombucha Balance Hormones Naturally

My home remedy for balancing my hormones naturally is to drink kombucha daily. I also take extra omega and evening primrose oil. My hormones were really out of balance until I discovered the wonders of kombucha.


Maca Root

Maca Root comes in liquid drops or powder form and is a wonderful natural remedy for hormone balance.



The herb Ashwagandha is a potent herbal natural therapy used for hormone balance. Ashwagandha is also called Withania Somnifera. This herb is part of the night shade family and has been used for many natural treatments including hormone balance. It also has been very helpful in treating stress, diabetes, pain and fatigue. Many people claim it helps to increase energy and improve overall health.


Healthy Natural Living

Many articles give too much credence for the use of herbs such as dong quai, black cohosh and chaste tree. These herbs may have many beneficial healing abilities yet they should be taken cautiously and with an educated mind. We need to really learn what these herbs do and what the possible side effects could be. These herbs are not part of our daily diet therefore our body is not used to ingesting them. Each and every one of us is biologically unique and one herb may help one person to balance their hormones whereas the same herb can have a negative impact on another individual and could actually worsen the already unpleasant health symptoms. What might be a golden cure for one person could be a toxic poison to the next person. A better and more sound dietary plan for helping to balance hormones is to adopt a permanent supplement regimen including B-6, 800 mcg of folic acid, a healthier diet, good exercise and limiting prescription drugs, and doing a weekly fast. Also eliminate or drastically reduce any foods, drugs or alcohol that weakens your immune system.


Asian Ginseng

A wonderful herb that has been around for centuries is Asian ginseng. This herb is super helpful in helping to not only balance your hormones but also restores your natural hormone levels. Asian ginseng is a natural remedy for hormone balance because it contains adaptogen which is a substance that assists in maintaining proper hormone balance in your body. It is essential you take the proper dosage. Check with your naturapath to determine the proper dosage.


Hormone Testing

I found this great site that a doctor created to help each individual determine if their hormones are out balance and what to do. He also includes a link to actually order a saliva test to see what hormones are out of balance. He also includes natural therapy advice on his site for hormone balancing. http://www.johnleemd.com/store/resource_hormonetest.html


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to Balance Hormones Naturally

Chinese medicine is a natural way to balance hormones. Acupuncture and herbs are both used extensively in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine has a special theory unique to traditional western medicine when it comes to healing the human body. Chinese theory believes that the human body is made up of two opposite energy forces called Yin and Yang energy. A person who is in good health is balanced in Yin and Yang energy force, yet a person who is ill is not balanced in Yin and Yang and therefore the immune system is impaired or weakened. When our hormones are out of balance we may have too much Yin or Yang. Often it is the Yin energy that is predominant during the two weeks before menstruation and the Yang energy slowly becomes dominant the second two weeks of the month. Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs can help to balance hormones in a natural and healthy way. I have used both acupuncture and herbs for hormone balancing and for other health challenges. I highly suggest this alternative form of natural therapy.


Black Cohosh

I used black cohosh as a natural remedy for hormone balance. I found it to be very wonderful and easy to use. I researched it before using it. I found that black cohosh naturally contains three different classes of certain compounds that help to regulate hormones in both men and women. This herb has worked great for me and I hope it works for you too!



If you are looking for a natural therapy for hormone balancing I recommend a homeopathic remedy called Klimaktheel. Klimaktheel is a natural remedy that helps stop hot flashes, sweating, tiredness, headaches and stress.  I have been using it for sometime and I am also finding that I am more balanced emotionally and suffer from less stress.


Black Haw

Black haw is a super good herb that helps minimize hormone imbalance. My hormones have balanced since using black haw. It is rich in steroidal saponins which help to assist your body to balance hormones naturally.


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