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Clean Boots Natural Household Tip

In winter time we often find our boots and shoes covered in mud or dirt. A natural tip for cleaning boots is to make up a mixture of equal amounts of vinegar and water. Wipe your boots or shoes clean with this mix.


Appliance Freshening Method

Every once in a while it is really good to clean out your dishwasher and washing machine by using a tip I learned from my mother. It is really important to do this because the appliances collect deposits that can impair their overall functioning. I like to take a cup of vinegar and use it in a wash cycle in both my dishwasher and also my washing machine about every few months!


Removing Splinters

A great way to remove splinters is using pine sap or honey. If you are camping and end up with a pesky splinter just take a little pine sap and cover the splinter with it. The Pine sap will naturally push the splinter out. Honey works much the same way. If you or someone else such as a child gets a splinter take some honey and cover the splinter with honey then place a band aid over the area before you go to bed. During the night the honey will push the splinter out.


Infusing Chi in Your Garden

An ancient Chinese art of balancing energies and infusing chi into your environment is called Feng Shui, more easily pronounced as fung scwhay. Feng Shui helps to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in your home and garden. The arrangement of our home and garden is crucial for life energy or chi to flow naturally. Chi can bring blessings, harmony and abundance into our lives in a very natural and innately pure manner. Chi is abundant in nature especially where there are forests and natural lakes, rivers and the ocean.  A natural household tip for infusing chi into your garden is to first make sure you are using all natural pots and materials, avoid plastic if you can. Hang wind chimes in your garden to attract chi. It is actually good to keep empty containers in your garden because they allow they attract chi as well. Certain arrangements such as layering your garden also help.


Drain Cleaning Tip

If you are like me you search for natural household tips for cleaning drains to avoid the harsh chemical exposure not only to yourself and your family but also to your environment. I really try and use all natural products for all my cleaning tasks. I have found a wonderful natural cleaning solution that works fabulous on drains. I take about ½ a cup of baking soda and pour into my drain, and then I take one cup of vinegar and pour it in the drain afterward. I close the drain up and allow to sit for about fifteen minutes and then I use very hot water to push the solution through the pipes. This works great and is environmentally friendly!


Window Washing Method

I love to gaze out my clean windows and since I also love natural cleaning products I searched for an all natural window cleaner to help me keep my windows sparkly clean and free of chemicals as well. I use an age old natural household tip for window cleaning except I added a little bit extra. I take one part of white vinegar and add that to one part of water then I take a few drops of my favorite essential oil to this mix. I love orange essential oil because it has a very appealing fresh scent and also it is known to be a natural mood booster! I spray my lovely smelling solution on my windows and wipe clean with newspapers for a streak free shine!


Storing Candles

I found a wonderful way to increase the longevity of my candles. I like to buy candles on sale and sometimes I store them in my closet. Well, I found out that if you freeze your candles they last a whole lot longer! Also, when you go to light your candles first snip off about ¼ inch of the wick. This will help the candle to burn longer and reduce the unnecessary smoke. If you prefer a smoke free candle go for beeswax.


More Candle Natural Household Tips

To prevent candles from sticking to candle holders first wipe the inside of the holder with Vaseline. This keeps your beautiful candle holders clean really works!


Jewelry Care

If you want to keep your wedding ring from becoming damaged never wear your ring while gardening. Also, do not wear nice jewelry while swimming in a pool or hot tub. The chlorine is very harsh on jewelry. Tell your husband to take off his wedding ring while working with any kind of machinery because he could lose his finger.


Fly Free Picnic Tables

Nothing can ruin a picnic like a swarm of flies landing on the picnic table and food. I have a solution that works like magic to keep flies off your picnic table. All you need to do is to wipe your table cloth down with white vinegar first. You will be amazed at how well this works!


Ant Removal

I first want to make sure that everyone understands how useful ants are. Never kill ants outside because they actually help to control termites. There are natural household tips that will help you to keep the ants out of your house and outside where they belong. One of the tips is to squeeze lemon juice into the hole where the ants are entering from. Another wonderful ant deterrent is to sprinkle salt, cayenne or cinnamon along a window sill or place of ant entry.


When Ants Come In Your House

In the spring ants show up in your kitchen looking for food.  They are hungry from the winter seclusion.  Dump a cup or two of white sugar out on the ground maybe 50 feet or more from your house and they will go there instead of in your kitchen.  This works great and we don’t have to unnecessarily kill any of the little fellows.


Mice Control

My grandmother taught me a very useful way to keep mice out of my house. I never want to injure any creatures so I was relieved to learn about this cruelty free mouse tip. What you do is to stuff all the cracks in the wall and around pipes with steel wool. The steel wool keeps the mice away!


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