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Household Natural Tips and Solutions



Better Mouse Trap

You can purchase humane mouse traps online that work really well.  A lot of stores carry them too.  Catch them and then take them far away to release.


Mattress Maintenance

Every six months I flip my mattress over. I found out that if you turn your mattress every six months you will get many extra years out of the mattress. This natural household tip for keeping your mattress nice and comfortable is easy and saves money too.


Clean Pencil

A super easy natural household tip for cleaning erasers is to use an emery board on them.


Spray Bottle Unclogging

I always get clogged spray bottles and it can be so annoying and costly. I used to just throw them away. I then learned about a way to clean a clogged spray bottle. If you unscrew the nozzle and then soak it in hot water it will work like brand new. Just spray it a couple times before screwing the nozzle back into the bottle.


Moving Furniture Natural Household Tip

I had to move my furniture the other day and thanks to this method I know, this usually difficult task was a breeze. If you place a sock or pieces of cloth under each leg of the furniture not only will the piece of furniture be easy to move this will also prevent your floor from being scratched.  To move big things, put down a blanket and pull the item across the floor.


Flea Prevention

I have an unusual natural household tip for keeping fleas off your cat. It is strange but it works! Just sprinkle about ¼ of a cup of salt in your cats litter box. For some reason the salt helps to keep your cat free of fleas.


Loosen Lid Technique

I have a really wonderful tip for loosening jar lids.  Simply tap the edges of the lid with a butter knife.


Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades

An easy way to sharpen garbage disposal blades is to throw a few ice cubes into the disposal and run some water while the disposal is turned on. Another useful tip is to add a little lemon or orange peel to the disposal for a natural fresh scent!


Stop Drip Sound Natural Household Tip

If you have a leaky faucet and need a break from the incessant drip sound I have a good one for you. Take a piece of string and tie it to the faucet. Make sure the string is long enough to reach to the drain. The string allows the water to slide down the string quietly.


Protect Your China

My mother handed down a special natural tip for protecting my good china and glassware. She told me to take a vinyl tablecloth that has cotton backing and cut out circles that fit each piece of glassware separating the china in a protective manner. This tip is also wonderful for people who live in areas that are prone to earthquakes.


Insect Repellent

A natural household tip for keeping insects out of cupboards is to place a couple bay leaves on each cupboard shelf.


Separating Glasses

If you find yourself in a quandary because you have a couple glasses stuck together do not despair. A method for separating glasses is to twist them in opposite directions.



The best time to plant is in the morning or evening because these times are the least stressful on the plants. Another tip is to place a little water in the planting hole before placing the plant in, then after planting water again.


Roses – Keeping Fresh

If you have cut roses a way to extend their beauty is to place the stems in hot water.


Mildew and Fungus Control

My best natural household tip for controlling mildew and fungus on my plants is simple. I take a clove of garlic and place it in a quart of hot water. I allow the solution to steep for 24 hours before I pour it into a spray container. This is a wonderful natural solution for keeping mildew and fungus off your plants.


Cocoa Mulch and Dogs

I have a very important message if you are a gardener and have dogs, or have a yard that is accessible to dogs. Never use cocoa mulch in your garden because it contains the same ingredient called theobromine that is in chocolate and this ingredient can actually kill a dog. 


Pet Medicine Dispenser

If you have to give your pet any kind of liquid medicine you are in for a challenge. A gentle way for administering medicine to your pet is to use a turkey baster.


Lemon for Bulldogs

If you own a bulldog then you know they can heat up and can suffer from labored breathing. A helpful natural household tip is to keep a bottle of lemon water ready at all times. Just spraying a little lemon water on their tongues can help to open their breathing airway and possibly save their life.


Repair Garden Hose

If you end up with a hole in your garden hose do not throw it away because I have a wonderful method to repair your hose. Take a toothpick and stick it into the hole then break off the extra toothpick and wrap that area in water proof tape. When you use your hose again the water itself will swell the toothpick and help to seal the hole even more.


Child Safety Natural Household Tip

When your children are playing outside they can get carried away in their games and forget that running into the street is dangerous. If you paint a bright line across the end of your driveway this will be a visual reminder to your child to stop and pay attention before running into the street.


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