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Household Tips and Natural Methods 



Baking Soda Glass Cleaner

Baking soda is a very versatile product. If you want to clean a glass coffee or tea pot a natural solution is to place a few tablespoons of baking soda in it with hot water and allow to soak for a couple hours. When you rinse it out you will not see any stains.


Boiling Water Drain Cleaner

A natural way to clean drains and keep debris from building up is to pour boiling water through the pipes once a week.


Oven Spills

If you spill something in your oven take some salt pour it over the spill and then wipe clean. Salt is wonderful for cleaning ovens and also for use in scouring pans.


Anti-bacterial Spray

I love to use aromatherapy scents because they are naturally healing and conducive to a natural household lifestyle. I make up my own antibacterial spray through a recipe I learned through a natural household tip online. I take lavender essential oil or tea tree oil and add 10 -20 drops to a full spray bottle. I then use this lovely smelling solution as a natural antibacterial spray in my bathrooms and throughout my home.


Mildew Remover Natural Household Tip

For a potent yet harmless mildew killer I use a natural grapefruit extract mixed with water.  You only need a few drops of this wonderful extract added to 8 ounces of water. This solution is odorless and effective!


Lemon Juice Bleaching

I sometimes have clothing with stains and I just hate to use commercial bleach so I researched natural household tips in hopes of finding something organic and environmentally friendly. Well, I came upon a tip of making lemon juice bleach with juice straight from the lemon itself. Apply the lemon juice directly to the stain and let sit for 30 minutes before washing.


Baking Pan Rust Remover

To remove rust from baking pans or tin use this great natural household tip. Take a potato and cut in half. Sprinkle salt over the potato and then scrub area of pan that has rusted.


Toothpaste Silver Polish

If you want to use a natural silver polisher I highly recommend using plain white toothpaste. This is a simple, inexpensive and great polisher.


Lavender Natural Fly Repellent

Flies can be quite annoying especially during summer time. My natural tip to keep flies away is a cotton ball dipped in lavender and placed at the bottom of the garbage can. Flies do not like lavender and so this is a wonderful natural way to keep flies at bay!


Chalk Ant Repellent Natural Household Tip

Ants do not like stepping in powder such as baby powder or chalk so if you are looking to keep ants away use this method: Draw a line in chalk anywhere that you wish to keep ants away. This is easy and non-toxic!


Ant Repelling Cucumber Peels

Reading all the ant tips I decided to share one of my favorites. My natural tip is to use the peel of cucumber placed in any area that ants enter your house from. The cucumber peel will keep them away, so will bay leaves and cloves.


Basil Flying Insect

All flying insects do not care for the scent of basil. If you are having trouble with flying insects wet a small cloth towel and roll it in basil then hang in your home. You can also place a small bowl of basil out on the counter to keep the bugs away!


Peppermint for Rodents

Most gophers, mice and squirrels detest the smell of peppermint. If you are suffering from gopher invasions take some peppermint soaked cotton balls and place them in the gophers holes.


Keep Brown Sugar Soft

I imagine that most people struggle with keeping brown sugar soft and fresh. Brown sugar always seems to harden rather quickly even if it is properly sealed in an airtight container. Well, I know a way to keep your brown sugar nice and soft. The best method for keeping brown sugar soft is to take a marshmallow and place it in the container or bag with the sugar. You will be pleasantly surprised with the positive results.


Shower Caps Natural Household Tip

If you ever travel you know how difficult it can be to pack shoes and keep the dirt from the shoes off your clothes. What I do is I save old shower caps and when I travel I place my shoes inside the shower caps. The shower caps are light and flexible and do a great job in keeping my clothes protected from the shoes.


Tears from Onions

I was watching this show on household solutions and was delighted to see a tip for keeping dry eyes while cutting fresh onions. If you take one wooden unlit match and place between your teeth while you cut an onion you will not shed a tear. I also heard that chewing gum helps in the same way although I have not tried gum.


Dryer Sheet Natural Household Tip

If you burn a pan and are stressed because you know how difficult it can be to clean a burnt pan, stress no more! A wonderful natural household tip for cleaning a burnt pan is super easy. Take a dryer sheet and soak it in water in the burnt pan. Allow it to soak for hours. You will find it much easier to clean the pan after using this great tip!


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