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Hysteria Home Remedies, Natural Remedies & Treatments




Take some grated gourd and apply to the forehead of the person who has hysteria. Make sure they are lying down and resting. This is a great natural treatment for hysteria.


Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy starch based diet is a healthy and natural home remedy for hysteria. Diet is crucial to our well being. Dr. McDougall is a physician in California who has a wealth of knowledge and practice helping people heal from disease and to also lose weight. He has proven that eating a starch based plant diet reverses disease. All the processed food, meats and dairy consumption in the world today is responsible for an enormous amount of suffering. Treatment of hysteria should be approached from various avenues. One is diet, another is making sure you have a credible counselor help you through the emotional repression, and the other approach I recommend is daily exercise. The foods we ingest play a major part in whether we are healthy or not. There are an abundance of toxins, pesticides and other unnatural chemicals that enter our body each day therefore try to purchase organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible and avoid overly processed foods. The more time we spend on educating ourselves about how and what to eat the better we will feel emotionally, physically and spiritually. Dr. McDougall offers retreats in Santa Rosa California that help to teach people how to eat. He also has a wonderful array of knowledgeable qualified professionals who assist him. Please check out Dr. McDougall’s wonderful website www dot drmcdougall dot com.


Avoid Caffeine

I had bouts of hysteria and my doctor told me to completely avoid any beverage that contained caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and also can aggravate anxiety. When I quit drinking coffee I felt really bad at first but I slowly started to feel wonderful. My natural remedy for hysteria is to avoid caffeine.


External Natural Paste

My wise old uncle professes that a natural treatment for hysteria is a paste applied to the gums once a day. He claims this helped my mother long ago. He read a lot about this remedy and tried it with her and said it worked really well. He took powdered form of ginger, papal, and red pepper and had my mother apply it to her gums. This is a natural treatment and remedy for hysteria.


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