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Impotence Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Pistachio Nuts & Dates

Consume 3 ounces of dried dates that have been crushed and mixed with quince seeds, pistachio nuts and almonds for a wonderful home remedy for impotence. 

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Raisins & Milk Natural Home Remedy for Impotence

Wash black raisins in tepid water and boil in milk.  Once they are boiled, they will be enlarged and very sweet.  Eat the raisins and follow with a glass of milk to treat impotence well at home using a great natural cure.  This should be done with one ounce of raisins and 8 ounces of milk.  Try this natural treatment three times a day.  Each time you try this home remedy, add another fifty grams of raisins.  This is my favorite home remedy for impotence. 


Someone suffering from impotence is said to not have the ability to achieve or keep an erection.  Men with this problem have it consistently and are unable to maintain an erection long enough for sex.  Typically, impotence is not a problem associated with fertility, orgasms, ejaculation or libido.  Approximately ten million American men suffer from impotence.  Men tend to suffer from impotence more frequently as they age.  Some numbers are that impotence is found in about two percent of men around the age of 40, and this number increases to nearly twenty five percent of all men at age sixty five.  It has also been proven that men suffering from chronic diseases tend to suffer from impotence at higher rates as well.  Diabetes is a common culprit of impotence; up to half of all diabetic men suffer from this disease.  Impotence is caused when the arteries that go to the penis are blocked, thus causing blockages to the nerves in the penis as well.  This is associated with atherosclerosis.  Antacids and other medications (most commonly antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs) cause impotence as well.  Blood pressure medications are the most common types of drugs to cause impotence. 

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Diet as Natural Remedy

Before turning to expensive medications like Viagra to treat your impotence (Viagra will cost you between eight to ten dollars a pill, and this depends on your health insurance), try making healthy changes in your lifestyle and diet.  Exercise is also a great addition to this new lifestyle that helps with impotence.  Not only will your appearance change for the better, but you'll find that your circulation will vastly improve, thus allowing your body to achieve an erection without drugs.  Once you begin to make these healthy changes in your diet and add exercise to your daily life, you'll also find that you will no longer need to be on many of your medications, many of which are likely contributing to your impotence.  One thing that you may want to add to your new healthy lifestyle is a natural treatment for impotence called Yohimbine (also referred to as Yocon).  This is an excellent natural remedy for impotence that is made from the bark of an East African tree.  Drug companies have began to catch onto the amazing impotence curing qualities of Yohimbine bark and have even started adding it to their prescription drugs.  Typically, this bark extract should be taken three times daily for about two to three weeks.  Even if you do decide to take Viagra to treat your impotence, you'll want to pay special attention to your diet, as a healthy diet will have a big impact on your impotence and how Viagra works for you.  About an hour after taking the Viagra, you'll find that this is when the highest concentration of it can be found in the body.  If you eat a meal that is very fatty and dense, you'll find that the Viagra peak will be delayed for about an hour, and the concentration will not be as strong. 

* * *

It's obvious that Viagra would be a preferred treatment for impotence when compared to other painful and antiquated treatments that the medical field previously offered.  The least invasive of these is simple counseling or psychological treatment, but can vary to surgical implantation of plastic rods, balloons and pumps.  Other treatments offered were tablets inserted into the urethra, suction pumps and painful and uncomfortable penile injections.  When Viagra was introduced in 1998, there were almost one million prescriptions filled in one month in the United States.  While the drug can be ordered online for privacy, the online pharmacy cannot fill the prescription until a doctor has sent in the actual prescription.  Originally developed as a blood pressure medication, researchers quickly found that it was ineffective at treating hypertension, but worked well for treating impotence.  Essentially, Viagra was effective as an impotence medication because it changes blood flow to the penis by increasing blood flow to the penis, but does not allow blood to flow out of the penis.  In turn, this allows the two sacs in the penis to become full of blood, and allows the penis to stand erect.  The catalyst for this change is brought about by an increase of a substance called cyclic guanosine monophosphate specific phosphodiesterase that is normally produced naturally by the body during sexual arousal.  This is how Viagra is only beneficial for men that have a healthy sexual appetite, but are simply unable to achieve an erection.  One side effect to consider is whether or not a residual amount of this substance can be built up in the body.  

* * *

Is Viagra Safe for Impotence?

Extensive research has yet to be conducted on Viagra, and this begs to the question: will there be short and long term effects of the drug that are yet to be seen? The manufacturer of the drug has already reported six deaths (May 22, 1998) to the FDA that have been among Viagra users.  While the role of the drug in the deaths of these men has yet to be determined, it is still worth one's while to examine the consequences of taking this medication.  Patients that take Viagra tend to be older, and thus have other health conditions that are severe. These conditions can range from cardiovascular disease to diabetes, so extra care should be exercised when treating these patients.  Men that are prescribed nitrates or nitroglycerin shouldn't take Viagra because both of these medications will dilate the blood vessels and can cause serious heart and cardiovascular problems.  Certain medications like Posicor, Sporanox, Nizoral, erythromycin and Tagamet will increase the concentration of Viagra in the blood and can have dangerous effects.  It's also been shown that the drug Rifampin can decrease the effects of Viagra in the body.  There are other questions that are raised along with the increase of use of Viagra.  If a man doesn't suffer from impotence, will he still see an increase in sexual function?  Does Viagra have similar effects on women? If men are prescribed Viagra, should insurance companies pay for the drug considering that is prescribed for a known medical condition and is a very embarrassing and distressing medical condition for men?


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