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Ingrown Toenail Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Bandaid Remedy

A great natural remedy for an ingrown toenail is to use a Band-Aid to stretch your skin away from the toenail and to get the skin away from the ingrown toenail.  To accomplish this, all you have to do is to secure the bandage to your skin next to the ingrown part of the toe nail, then pull the bandage taut and away from the nail – pull the bandage as tight as you can.  By doing this, you are pulling the skin away from where the nail is becoming ingrown.  Wrap the loose end of the bandage around your toe and attach near the base of where your toe meets your foot.  Replace the bandage whenever the sticky part begins to lose it's “sticky-ness”.  If you continue to re-apply bandages and keep the skin pulled away from the toenail, this will help your ingrown nail to heal much more quickly. This is a great home remedy for ingrown toenails that has worked very well for several members of my family.

* * *


One of my favorite home remedies for an ingrown toenail is to use a topical pain reliever for toothaches (Oragel works very well for us).  This essentially numbs any pain that's caused from your ingrown toenail.  This home remedy is cheap and easy and works very effectively to numb the pain. 

* * *

V Cut

To help relieve the pain associated with an ingrown toenail, a great home remedy is to cut a “V” shape in the center of your nail.  Using a small manicurist's scissors or a Swiss army knife scissor makes this task very simple to do.  The cut should be about an eighth of an inch, but it's ideal to cut as deep as you can without causing too much pain and without causing damage to the nail bed.  Once you have cut the “V” into the nail, allow the nail to grow naturally.  Eventually, the nail will grown out straight and the pressure on either side of the nail will be alleviated.  This is an excellent natural remedy for an ingrown toenail.   

* * *


Another great home remedy for an ingrown toenail is to scrape the top of the toenail repeatedly.  This essentially strips off the keratin from the top of the nail and wears the nail down, making it very thing.  If the nail is scraped well, the nail will be thin enough to be pliable and flexible. This thinning of the nail allows the ingrown nail to bend and helps to relieve the stress and pressure from the ingrown area of the nail.  If this treatment is used in conjunction with the “V” cut that can go in the nail, you'll be cured of an ingrown toenail much more quickly than other home remedies and natural treatments.  You should see regeneration of the ingrown toenail within approximately three months.  This home remedy is very effective for treating an ingrown toenail. 

* * *

Prevention is one of the most important ways to treat an ingrown toenail.  Avoid them before they begin.  Following a few simple home treatments and natural remedies can significantly improve the overall health of your toenails and can prevent ingrown toenails in the future.  Be sure to cut toenails straight across.  Toenails should also never extend beyond the edge of the toes.  Ingrown toenails tend to show up most often when toenails are clipped too short, or when the sides of the toenail are cut in a way so that they are encouraged to grow at an angle.  If the middle of the toenail is longer than the outer edges, then the center of the nail will grown outward, and the sides can potentially grown into the skin.  Follow the simple home remedy of cutting your toenails often and straight across, and you will hopefully never have to deal with the pain of an ingrown toenail. 

* * *

If you can stomach the idea of removing the nail (and don't mind the pain!), then a quick home remedy for an ingrown toenail is to remove the nail entirely.  If you don't remove the nail itself, you may also use this technique to try to pull the ingrown part of the nail out of the skin. You may want to file the nail first to ensure that it's as thin and flexible as possible.  Once the nail is filed, you can use either needle nose pliers or some tweezers to get a good grip on the nail.  Be sure that you have a very tight grip on the nail and attempt to either remove the ingrown part of the nail from the skin, or remove the nail entirely.  While this home remedy certainly isn't for everyone, it's a way that you can quickly rid yourself of an ingrown toenail!  This is the common solution that a doctor will provide except they will numb the area first.

* * *

Cotton Wool Ingrown Toenail Natural Home Remedy

After suffering from ingrown toenails for a long time, I have found this combination of natural and home remedies for ingrown toenail to work very well.  Every night, I soak my feet in salty water for about half an hour.  Once the nail is soaked, I use tweezers and begin to pry the nail away from the irritated skin and off the nail bed.  This will need to be repeated for a few nights until you can tweeze your way to the inflamed area.  Once you reach the ingrown part of the nail, roll up some cotton wool and use a small clean item (I like to use a clean plastic toothpick) to wedge the wool under the nail.  I like to keep a bit of the cotton wool sticking out so that it is easy to remove and change.  You will feel instant relief of pain when you place the cotton wool between the toenail and the irritated and inflamed skin.  Be sure to continue to repeat this process and change the cotton wool daily.  To make this treatment even more effective, I use the natural remedy of tea tree oil on the inflamed area to speed recovery.  Keeping the cotton wool under the nail will allow the nail to continue growing, and will train the nail to grow in the correct direction.  This can be time consuming, but it's an excellent home remedy for ingrown toenails.

* * *


A simple natural remedy for ingrown toenails is to soak your feet three times a week for about fifteen to twenty minutes.  Be sure to soak your feet in warm water, and add some Epsom salts to reduce swelling.  The inflamed area of skin near the ingrown part of the toenail will begin to heal much more quickly and the swelling will be greatly reduced. 

* * *

Be sure to keep the area around your ingrown toenail clean.  Be sure to use topical antibacterial ointments to the affected area to keep any infections away.  The ingrown toenail should also be kept covered to reduce the changes of an infection. 


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