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Ingrown Toenail Natural Home Remedies



Proper Shoes

One of the most effective natural home remedies for an ingrown toenail is as simple as making a good choice about what shoes you wear each morning.  Try to choose shoes that are comfortable and won't bother the toe that has the ingrown nail.  Open toed shoes are best, but be sure that anything you wear doesn't put pressure on the toe that's in pain. 

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Some medical problems can cause complications with your feet and other limbs.  Diabetes is a common disease that can greatly affect your feet.  Be sure to check your feet often, especially if you suffer from diabetes or any other illness that can affect this area of your body. 

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Perhaps the most simple and cost effective home remedy for ingrown toenails is to simply wear comfortable shoes like loose sandals.  If possible, go barefoot whenever you can and this will greatly relieve the pressure that shoes put on your toes – and make your pain worse.  This simple change will also help to speed the recovery of the ingrown nail.

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It is imperative that the area surrounding your ingrown toenail is kept very clean.  Wash your feet thoroughly and often – up to five times daily if you can.  Use mild soap and warm water to keep your feet clean.  At the end of the day, soak your feet in water mixed with vinegar or salt.  This is a wonderful natural remedy for ingrown toenails. 

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Epsom Salts Ingrown Toenail Natural Remedy

There are simple steps you can take when you find yourself with an ingrown toenail.  These simple home remedies work very well when treating an ingrown toenail.  First, soak the foot with the ingrown nail in hot water and Epsom salt.  This soak literally pulls the infection out of the body.  Next, apply an antibiotic ointment to the affected area.  This will actually greatly help with pain relief.  You will need to continue to apply the soak and ointment to the toe for several days; depending on how bad the infection is.  Finally, once the infection is gone, you'll want to use a thin metal nail file, and slide it under the nail between the skin and the toenail.  This will actually lift the nail out of the skin that its growing into and will train the nail to grow normally.  An important thing to keep in mind is to not cut the toenail.  Cutting the nail can mess the toenail up even more.  Be sure to always cut toenails straight across so you don't get another ingrown one. 

* * *

To prevent ingrown toenails using natural remedies, just follow a few simple rules.  First, be sure to always cut your toenails straight across; even with the edge of your toe.  Do not cut your toenails at an angle or in a rounded shape.  Try not to cut your toenails too short or too close to the skin.  You can also try a quick soak of the feet in some warm water.  If you experience any pain when trimming your toenails, this could really help because it softens the nails.  These simple home remedies are great for preventing ingrown toenails. 

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Softening as Ingrown Toenail Home Remedy

Infected ingrown toenails can be treated using a few simple home remedies.  First, apply a very moisturizing lotion to the edge of the ingrown toenail and cover with a bandage.  The lotion is beneficial because it helps to soften any hard and irritated skin around the nail.  It also helps with inflammation and provides a small amount of pain relief.  You will also want to elevate the foot once you've applied the lotion and the bandage.  Not only will the elevation help with pain, but it will greatly reduce the amount of swelling.  Soaking the foot in warm water that has some soap and a bit of salt added to it will soften the skin even more.  Eventually, the combination of lotion and soaking will soften the nail enough to where you can clip it again to relieve some pressure. 

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Essential Oils

Essential oils have a myriad of health benefits, and they are also wonderful when used to treat ingrown toenails.  This is a great natural remedy for ingrown toenails.  The best essential oils to use to treat ingrown toenails are oregano essential oil, lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil.  These oils are natural antibiotics and relieve pain as well.  Mix with a neutral oil (like olive oil) before applying directly to the skin.  Oregano essential oil should not be applied for more than three weeks. 

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To soften an ingrown toenail so it can be cut, try this simple home remedy.  Before going to bed, place a small wedge of lemon on top of the ingrown toenail and attach it with a bandage.  Be sure to put socks on after this! In the morning, remove the sock and bandage.  You'll find that the acidity from the lemon works well to soften the nail and you should be able to ease it off of the nail bed so it can be cut out of the irritated skin.  This natural remedy is my favorite when I have an ingrown toenail. 


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