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Itchy Scalp Natural Home Remedies and Treatments


Chamomile & Rosemary

One of my favorite natural remedies for itchy scalp is a homemade hair rinse.  To prepare the rinse, simply make chamomile tea with some fresh filtered water and add about three sprigs of rosemary to the tea.  Allow the tea to cool, then use it as a rinse.  You'll love the anti-inflammatory properties from the rinse. 

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Henna Powder

Make an all natural hair mask to treat itchy scalp.  Simply mix henna powder with a teaspoon of olive oil, cream (milk) and egg.  Once it is mixed well, apply to your scalp.  Leave the mask on for about four hours, then thoroughly wash your hair.  You may notice that your hair may have a reddish tint to it, but this is from the henna powder and will wash out.  Another great hair mask for itchy scalp is to use four teaspoons of black gram flour mixed with one cup of yogurt.  This mask should be left on the hair for about an hour.  When you wash this hair mask off, do not use any soap or shampoo.  You'll find that both of these hair masks are wonderful natural remedies for curing itchy scalp. 

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Itchy scalp can be treated using this great home remedy.  Mix equal parts coconut oil with bottle gourd oil.  Apply the mixture to your scalp for about eight hours.  Do this every other day for about two months.  When you go to wash the mixture off, use an herbal and natural shampoo that contains calendula, arnica montana or jaborandi.

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You can treat itchy scalp with a homeopathic remedy called Kali sulph.  This comes in pill form, and to achieve the maximum benefit, simply take about five pills at night before going to bed.  Continue this regimen for ten days.  After ten days have lapsed, stop taking the pills, and your itchy scalp should be greatly improved. 

* * *

Make your own homemade scalp cleanser to naturally treat an itchy scalp.  Mix an egg, two tablespoons of coconut oil, two tablespoons of almond oil, and two tablespoons of vinegar (apple cider vinegar works best) with two tablespoons of glycerin.  Apply the mixture directly to your scalp and allow it to soak for forty five minutes.  Rinse completely after forty five minutes.  This should be done daily for two weeks.  After two weeks, this can be done three times a week to maintain your healthy new scalp.

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Tea Tree Oil Home Remedy for Itchy Scalp 

If you suffer with an itchy and irritated scalp, you likely have dandruff as well.  If this is the case, then make a mask using tea tree oil.  You'll want to leave this mask on for ten minutes.  Repeat this process daily for two weeks, then you can go to a routine of three times a week.  To make the mask, combine two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of tea tree oil with three fourths of a cup of hot water. 

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Massage is a great home remedy for treating an itchy scalp, and it can be made even more effective by mixing up your own homemade massage oil.  Simply mix equal parts (I use a half of a cup) of almond and olive oils.  Work the oil mixture into your scalp using circular motions for five minutes.  Rinse your hair with warm water and you'll be pleased to see how well this works for treating an itchy scalp. 

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Lime & Vinegar Home Remedy for Itchy Scalp

You can also try this great homemade hair mask to massage into your scalp as a wonderful home remedy.  Squeeze the juice from half of a lime (tequila limes work best) and mix with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  Massage this into your scalp for five minutes using your fingers.  Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and warm water.  This should be repeated one a week to keep itchiness and irritation at bay. 

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