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Jet Lag Natural Remedies and Home Remedies



Arrival Time and Fluids

To help offset possible jet lag, a natural remedy or approach could include flying to your destination during the day and arriving by night.  Hopefully, you arrive by midevening and then you should have a light meal and get to bed by 11:00 p.m. at your destination time.  This will help your body adjust to the different time zones.  Also, be sure to drink lots of fluids during the time of your flight.  You don’t want to become dehydrated as this will worsen any signs of jetlag.  Also, don’t take a nap upon arriving or this will delay your effort to adjust to the time difference.  If you do take a nap, make it only for an hour or less time.  Another thing to do is to exercise.  If you usually work out in weights, or go running, then you should do it at your new destination like you would at home.  Another suggestion is that when you arrive at your destination, if it is still light out, get out in the sun.  This will also help your body stay awake and adjust to the time difference.



A natural approach or remedy for jet lag can be practiced while you’re in the air flying to your destination.  Just relax and be quiet.  You can get a pillow and close your eyes and even pretend that you are not on the flight.  Daydreaming about pleasant and positive things, or future plans can make the time go by peacefully.  This will enable you to have some solitude and relaxation.  This will help to prevent you from becoming overstressed about your body having to adjust to a new time zone.


To help take your mind off of jet lag; once you arrive, immediately immerse yourself into your surroundings.  Notice the streets names, the people and how they dress or talk, etc.  By doing this, you would be helping yourself to adjust to the new time zone.


Social Interaction as Jet Lag Home Remedy

Once you arrive at your new location; a type of home remedy to help you with your jet lag is to engage in socialization.  Even if your body wants to shut down and go to sleep, socialize.  It may be night by your normal hours; but, if it’s midday at your new location, and you are talking, your body may assume it is day time.


Epsom Salt

To help counter symptoms of jet lag, a good home remedy is to soak you feet in Epsom salt.


Rosemary Oil

A good natural remedy to treat jet lag is to add a few drops of rosemary oil to abut a half cup of water and then drink it.  After a few hours have passed, then drink a cup of some valerian tea.  This works great!


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