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Long Life - Longevity Natural Remedies



Vegetarians Have Longer Life

In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2009, an expert panel reported that vegetarians have lower incidence of chronic disease, less body fat and greater longevity. Also, rates of heart disease, some cancers and diabetes were significantly reduced.  A vegetarian diet is cheaper especially if you stay with simple unprocessed foods.  In the November, 2005 National Geographic, in an article on longevity, it was reported that members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church live longer than other Americans by up to 10 years. Seventh-day Adventists have a vegetarian diet with no smoking or drinking.

This is a 30 second video of a 108 year old vegan who began her diet in 1922


Avoid Skin Cancer

One way to naturally lengthen your life is to avoid getting skin cancer.  This can be done by avoiding the DNA damaging ultraviolet light from sunlight.  Avoid the sun around noon unless you have skin protection.  This is very important and is a great way to naturally live a longer life.  Click here to read more about Cancer Alternative Treatments.

* * *

Limit Exposure to Your Cell Phone

Some experts believe that cell phone usage can emit electromagnetic radiations that cause many different kinds of cancer, and even brain cancer.  If this is true, you should try to reduce the amount of emissions your body receives as much as possible.  Buy a cell phone that emits less EMF.  It is also advisable that you don't talk on your phone too often.  Instead, send a text message or email from your phone.  You can even try purchasing some EMF jewelry.  These are all wonderful natural remedies to live a longer life. 

* * *

Drink Kefir for a Long Life

Try drinking Kefir every day.  This has been recommended as a natural remedy for increasing your long life. 

* * *

Vegetables for Long Life

To achieve a long and healthy life, just follow this simple home remedy.  Eat a diet that is full of vegetables, raw fruits, raw nuts and seeds and olive oil.  Try to fast once a week on water, herbal teas and freshly squeezed lemon juice.  It is also important to get lots of sunshine.  You should also exercise for thirty minutes a day, five days a week.  It is also imperative that you get lots of rest.  Meat and dairy products should be avoided. 

* * *

Live Somewhere Else for Long Life

The United States ranks 20th for average lifespan.  There are 20 countries you could live in and live longer.  Japan is in the number one spot.  Canada is number 11.  The rip is that we pay twice as much for healthcare in the US but have worse statistics.  We rank at or near the bottom in 6 categories of overall health (e.g. infant mortality, incidence of disease) compared to other industrialized countries as posted by the World Health Organization.

* * *

Eat Honey

Honey should be eaten regularly.  This natural home remedy for a long life not only decreases your risk of getting arthritis, but is also helps to naturally prevent cancer.

* * *

Tulsi Tea

To increase your life naturally, try this home remedy.  Take a cup of tulsi tea every day.  This is also called basil and it is an ancient ayurvedic remedy for long life. This should be drunk first thing in the morning.  This is a great home remedy that is all natural and really helps to increase your life expectancy. 

* * *

Sense of Humor for Longevity

A good laugh is a great way to increase your long life.  This is not quite a natural remedy, but it's a great way to help you to live a long life.  If you laugh about one to two hundred times, you have burned the caloric equivalent to jogging or rowing for ten minutes.  This is has been proven by Dr. William Fry, a cardiologist here in the United States.  Research has also proved that laughing lowers stress hormones and helps to increase the body's natural defense against cancer cells and dangerous antibodies. 

* * *

Sleep Less for Long Life

While this may seem counterintuitive, getting too much sleep can actually hinder your life expectancy.  Instead, according to a study in the Archives of General Psychiatry, people that get about six to seven hours of sleep every night tend to live longer.  Those that sleep more than eight hours (and less than four) tend to have a higher death rate.  Instead, try to sleep less than eight hours every night and this is a great natural way to live longer. 

* * *

Happy Marriage for Long Life

A happy marriage is a fantastic natural remedy for having a longer life.  This is true for both women and men.  However, studies have found that those that marry, then divorce and remarry can increase the risk of a premature death than those that don't.  This was found in the Health Psychology Journal. 

* * *

Exercise Regularly

Women that exercise regularly and keep themselves physically fit tend to have a forty percent less chance of developing a coronary heart disease than women that don't.  This was discovered by Dr. Ken Cooper at the Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research here in the United States.  Dr. Cooper also found that bottom twenty percent of physically fit and active people tend to have a more premature death than those that are in the fittest percentage. 

* * *

Good Sex Life

Couples that have an active and healthy sex life also tend to look (on average) seven years younger than those that don't.  This has been proven by a study conducted by Dr. David Weeks at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.  Because sex is a proven stress reducer, this leads to better sleep and a better satisfaction in one's life.  This is a wonderful home remedy for a longer life.

* * *

Varied Diet

In the International Journal of Epidemiology, a 2002 study showed that those that have a varied diet with lots of variety have a longer life and lower mortality rate than those that don't.  This is a proven home remedy for experiencing a long and healthy life.  So picky eaters beware.

* * *

Fewer Calories Study

One study conducted by the Journal of Rejuvenation Research found that eating less and ingesting fewer calories will add several years to your life.  This is an excellent home remedy for a long life. 

* * *

Running and Antioxidants for Longevity

Free radicals accelerate the aging process of our cells and cause lots of different degenerative diseases.  The most harmful of these is probably the hardening of the arteries, cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Exercising is good for everyone, but research conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine has shown that running is most effective at slowing the aging process.  To reduce the amount of free radicals, you should also try to eat lots of antioxidant foods like blueberries.  You can also take antioxidant supplements like lipoic acid and quercetin.

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