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Longevity - Long Life Natural Remedies



Stop Smoking Study for Long Life

A study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention in 2003 found that men that are middle-aged and were also long term heavy smokers faced twice the risk of not only having a higher mortality rate, but they also tended to develop more aggressive forms of prostate cancer than men that had never been smokers.  Quitting smoking has lots of health benefits, and living a longer life is one of the most important reasons to quit. 

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Good Friends

Good friends are not only good for our social calendars, but they are also very beneficial for helping us to live longer.  This is a fun and wonderful natural remedy for living a longer life.  Some studies have actually shown that having a large amount of good friends is actually better for our life expectancy than having lots of family members. 

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Positive Mental Attitude

The Mayo Clinic found in 2002 that people that tend to have a pessimistic attitude expect bad things to happen, have a negative outlook on life and also tend to expect misfortune to abound their lives.  These people only see the negative side of things and tend to not live as long as those that see the glass as half full.  In fact, this study found that negative and pessimistic people have a fifty percent higher risk of premature death.  So, to increase your life expectancy and naturally live a longer life, put on your rose colored glasses and try to enjoy the nice things in life. 

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Get Religion

The journal Demography found that people that go to church regularly live longer than those that never or rarely attend church or religious services.  So, on the next Sunday (or any day for that matter), head out to the worship house of your choice and you'll find that you may live longer. 

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Avoid Stress

A study published in 2002 by the Archives of Internal Medicine proved that young men that tend to show high levels of anger in response to high levels of stress developed heart disease much earlier than those that did not display high amounts of anger when stressed.  The study even proved that the higher stress levels increased the rise of heart attack by six times by the age of 55.  Increase your life expectancy and live a longer life with the simple home remedy of not stressing out and having negative reactions to stressful situations. 

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Blood Pressure

Blood pressure should be kept under control as a way to naturally live a longer life.  Be sure that you are always aware of any possible problems that can arise because of your blood pressure.  This is the leading cause of poor heart health in America.  If you fix any issues with your blood pressure, you can decrease your risk of heart attack by nearly twenty five percent and the risk of a stroke is slashed by forty percent.  This is one of the most effective home remedies for living a longer life.  Click here to read more about High Blood Pressure Home Remedies.

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Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious warning sign regarding your overall health.  If you have diabetes, you'll be prone to many other health issues like coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and lots of other health problems.  Instead, try to do what you can to keep diabetes at bay and you'll find that you can live a long life.  Click here to read more about Diabetes Home Remedies.

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Balance your Chakras for Long Life

Chakra balancing is great for your health.  These are the energetic gateways of the body that are sacred and are the gateways to wholeness and healing.  There are seven that are different centers of energy.  You can gain a large amount of energy and relaxation though the chakras.  Keeping these well balanced is an excellent home remedy to live longer. 

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A great home remedy for a long life is mangosteen.  This is a whole fruit that has a primary compound of xanthones.  These are actually highly potent antioxidants that are found in the hull (peel) of the fruit.  Mangosteen has been used for several hundred years for lots of medical uses like depression, diabetes, asthmas, heart disease, chronic pain and fatigue.  If you want to live a long and healthy life, try adding mangosteen to your diet. 

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Natural Foods Home Remedy for a Long Life

Natural foods should be eaten instead of prepackaged processed foods.  Foods that you have to unwrap are not good for you and can decrease your life expectancy by causing lots of diseases that can also shorten your life span.  Instead, a home remedy to live a long life is to simply eat a healthy diet of fresh foods and lots of fruit and vegetables.

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