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Menopause Natural Home Remedies & Cures


Steam-Distilled Water and Evening Primrose Oil

A natural cure for menopause could be as simple as drinking eight glasses of steam-distilled water every day.  You should also take 800 milligrams of evening primrose oil with every meal.  This is especially important when trying to reduce hot flashes. 

* * *

Homemade Tincture

Make this homemade tincture to reduce hot flashes and as an easy home treatment for menopause.  Mix together one teaspoon each of ginseng root tincture, chaste tree tincture, licorice root tincture, sarsaparilla tincture, don quai root tincture with two teaspoons of cohosh root tincture.  Once the tinctures have been thoroughly combined, take three dropperfuls of the mixture once a day.  This is great home remedy for menopause and is really effective when used to treat hot flashes. 

* * *

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Homemade Toner

It isn't uncommon to notice changes in your skin when you begin menopause.  Keep your skin soothed and properly nourished with this excellent alternative treatment for menopause.  Make your own toner using 800 international units of vitamin E oil (you can use a needle to puncture a capsule), one drop of chamomile essential oil, four drops of sandalwood essential oil, six drops of rose geranium essential oil, one teaspoon of wine vinegar, two ounces of orange-blossom water and two ounces of aloe vera gel.  Mix well and apply to the face using a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball. 

* * *

Selenium, Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene

A treatment for menopause is to try taking 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C, ten milligrams of beta-carotene and 50 milligrams of selenium every day.  These vitamins are especially important when you're beginning to notice a drying of the skin during menopause.  This is also effective when used to treat vaginal dryness as well. 

* * *

Homemade Lotion

Vaginal dryness is a common symptom of menopause.  If you're experiencing this extremely uncomfortable situation, try homemade lotion.  Simply mix the contents of one capsule of one thousand international units of Vitamin E, two drops of geranium essential oil and one ounce of almond oil.  Mix these ingredients well and apply to both the outside and inside of the vagina twice daily.  This is a very effective natural treatment for the vaginal dryness that is associated with menopause. 

* **

Theanine as Home Remedy for Menopause

Menopause causes great amounts of stress.  To treat this, try theanine.  Green tea is high in this or you can get it as a supplement.

* * *

Milk Thistle

Menopause includes lots of difficult hormonal changes within the body, and these can be managed using the natural cure of milk thistle.  This herb helps the body to achieve a natural menopause not by regulating and manipulating hormones in the body, but it is effective in assisting with the additional workload placed on the liver by the new hormonal imbalance.  The liver will be stressed during menopause, and it is imperative that you help out this organ in any way you can.  Try adding milk thistle to help with the liver. 

* * *

Valerian Root

Valerian root has long been used as a home treatment as a sleeping aid and tranquilizer, and it has been increasingly used as a home remedy for menopause.  The US Pharmacopoeia sets the standards of manufacturing for medicine does not support the use of this natural treatment.  Some studies have found that there are reports of delirium and heart problems when individuals stop taking valerian root.  While this is great for menopause, be sure to investigate all side effects and risks before starting this regimen. 

* * *


While the many types of ginseng (red, white, American, Korean and Siberian) are wonderful for their stress relieving and immunity boosting properties, studies have shown that they do not help with hot flashes.  However, the same studies have shown that ginseng is especially helpful as a treatment for menopause because women have had an improved immunity and have shown an improved overall sense of well-being. ` It is important that you know where you are purchasing your ginseng from, as there has been a lack of quality control over some producers.  It has even been found that some samples contained lead or pesticides.  While ginseng is a wonderfully effective alternative treatment for menopause, be sure that you are purchasing a quality product.

* * *


Some women experience hot flashes during menopause.  These can be described as a hot feeling that is attributed to an increased blood flow during some periods.  While these women may be normally well balanced emotionally, they may begin experiencing short bursts of headaches in stressful situations and anger during these flashes.  These women typically crave lemons or lemonade during such a flash and may also experience migraine headaches and changes in blood pressure.  If this is the case, these women may find belladonna as a great natural remedy for their menopause.

* * *

Calcarea Carbonica

Menopause can cause a woman to experience heavy bleeding during her period, to feel chilly overall, yet experience night sweats, and experience a significant weight gain.  Women that suffer these symptoms tend to be hard working and responsible, however they are easily fatigued.  These women may also experience cramps in their feet and legs, stiff joints and cravings for sweets and eggs. 

* * *

Glonium as Natural Remedy for Menopause

Glonium is a homeopathic remedy for women that find that their menopause symptoms include a menstrual flow that starts and stops without warning that is followed by headaches and palpitations.  These women will also find that their thoughts are muddled and they are quite irritable during their period.  These women will usually experience intense hot flashes and flushed skin. 

* * *


Graphites are fantastic natural treatments for women that are gaining weight during  menopause and are also feeling sluggish overall with clammy, pale skin and overall body chills.  These women also tend to have trouble concentrating and will also commonly have hot flashes and night sweats.  Graphites is also for symptoms that cause one to be slow to wake and become fully alert in the mornings and may have cracked sores on the skin that are the direct result of increased hot flashes. 

* * *

Ignatia Homeopathic Remedy

This is especially helpful if you're experiencing lots of emotional ups and downs that are common during menopause.  Women that tend to ride this emotional rollercoaster tend to be very sensitive, but are skilled at keeping their feelings well hidden.  Because they are constantly safeguarding their feelings, these women can become moody and defensive.  Ignatia will also help with the common symptoms of sudden outbursts, irregular periods, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms and headaches.

* * *


This is really effective for women that are suffering from constrictive hot flashes that are accompanied by purple or red colored flushing.  Women suffering from these types of hot flashes are typically unable to wear constrictive clothing like turtlenecks.  These women also tend to be very outgoing and are very emotional that need both physical and emotional outlets. 

* * *

Lilium Tigrinum

Women that are naturally hurried and rushed are emotional and anxious.  These women usually have a tight feeling in their chest all the time, and these women typically always feel the need to sit and cross their legs often.  Women that are described by these things should respond well to lilum tigrinum. 

* * *

Suphur Homepathic Natural Remedy for Menopause

Women that have lots of hot flashes and wake in the morning, but throw the covers off tend to be anxious and emotional.  These women will often cry and will also worry (excessively) about their health.  Sulphur is a wonderful natural remedy for these women during menopause. 

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