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Menstrual Cramps Natural Remedies, Treatments & Home Remedies



Hot Iron

In my youth, my grandma had a good natural remedy for cramps.  She would use this on me and it worked really good.  I had the worst cramps and I even fainted one day at school.  I do this now for my daughter and it helps her as well.  First get your iron warmed up but not too hot.  Get a bath towel and put it on your lower abdomen.  You may need to fold it depending on how hot your iron is.  Then run the iron over the towel.  It both heats and massages at the same time.



My grandmother would give me a hot cup of ginger tea.  Just boil some water and put ginger powder in it or you can grate up some fresh ginger.  It is best if you don’t have any sugar or honey when you are in your period as these encourage inflammation.


Cranberry Juice and Vodka

Take a shot or two of cranberry juice and vodka. 


Dill Pickle Juice for Menstrual Cramps

Drink about one half a cup of juice from the dill pickle jar.  Don’t do this if you don’t like pickles or if you get an upset stomach from pickles.  It really helped me though.


Salt Water Home Remedy for Menstrual Cramps

Into a glass of water put a round teaspoon of regular table salt and it will get rid of the meanest of cramps in around 5 minutes.  You can drink a half cup of pickle juice and it works too but another person already recommended it.


Coconut Home Remedy

There is a good home remedy for menstrual cramps symptoms like depression and anger.  Just drink fresh coconut juice and eat the edible part as well.  Older coconuts that have become brown and hairy have more edible part while newer coconuts will have juice that is sweeter.  You can buy these at Indian or Asian grocery stores.  Drink a couple of cups of the juice from a coconut each day you are on your period (and eat the meat from the coconut as well). 


Hot Water Bottle

Put a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen right over your uterus.  Don’t use a heating pad that plugs into the wall as the alternating current makes a magnetic field in the heating pad that is flip flopping back and forth 60 times a second.  Alternating magnetic fields make your chi chaotic.  Radio waves are also bad for the same reason.  You have read the studies where it shows cell phones cause tumors and other problems.  If not do a search for “cell phones danger.”


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