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Menstrual Problems Natural Remedies & Home Cures


Diet as Natural Remedy for Menstrual Problems

The main cause of menstrual problems is our diet. Menstrual problems are rare in cultures that still eat a traditional plant based diet. Our rich Western diet is very high in fat delivering 47% of our calories as fat when it should be no more than 5%.  Excessive fat and oil causes excessive production of estrogen and an imbalance to occur overall with all of the hormones.  Go here to read more about Diet as Natural Home Remedy for Menstrual Problems.



Pasque Flower and Lemon Balm

There are lots of menstrual problems that can arise during your monthly period.  Thankfully, you can try the great natural remedy of lemon balm (Melissa officinale) to help promote good feelings and a stable mood and pasque flower (pulsatilla vulgaris) to help normalize the female reproductive system. 

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Belladonna and Sepia

Sometimes you can experience problems with your menstrual flow.  You may also experience lapsed energy, a lack of physical stamina and an unbalanced mood.  If these symptoms describe your menstrual problems, try belladonna and sepia. 

* * *

Dong Quai and Foeniculum Vulgare

Some great Chinese remedies for mentstrual problems include Foeniculum vulgare (also commonly referred to as Sweet Fennel) and Dong Quai (Angelica Sinesis).  Both of these treatments help to restore harmony in the body and regulate the menstrual cycle.  Sweet fennel is also especially beneficial when used to promote the balance of water in the body and as a tonic for the liver. 

* * *

Parsley as Natural Remedy for Menstrual Problems

Parsley is one of the most effective natural remedies for the most common menstrual problem – cramps.  Not only does parsley help to completely eradicate cramps, but it also helps to regulate the monthly cycle.  This is possible due to a component in parsley called apiol, which is actually a component of the female sex hormone estrogen.  You can ingest more parsley (and thus more apiol) by drinking parsley juice.  Studies have found that this is most effective when drunk as a juice in two ounce quantities mixed with equal parts cucumber, carrot and beet juices.  Parsley is also recognized as an excellent natural cure for cramps after pregnancy while the mother is breast feeding.  This is because both the mother and baby are provided with a wide range of nutrients and vitamins.  If you choose to use parsley as a natural remedy for treating the menstrual problems of cramps and irregularity, be sure that you drink the parsley juice every day and drink it as soon as it is freshly made.  If you make it and refrigerate it in advance, you'll find that the parsley will lose some of its natural nutritional properties as it sits for a long period of time. 

* * *


If your period is painful and has come to a complete stop, you should try this.  Ginger is excellent when used to relieve menstrual problems of this nature.  To use ginger, simply pound a piece of fresh ginger, then boil it in fresh clean water.  Allow the ginger to steep for about three minutes.  You can then sweeten the tea with sugar, if you wish.  You should drink this three times a day (after each meal is a good idea) and first thing in the morning.  . 

* * *

Sesame Seeds

If you are a young, unmarried girl that is experiencing spasmodic pain with her period, then you should try sesame seeds.  Sesame seeds are a wonderful when used to treat these menstrual problems.  To use them, take about a half of a teaspoon of the seeds and grind them into a powder.  Take the powder with hot water twice a day.  You should eat this powder starting two days before your period, and it will not only help to cure your painful cramps, but will help to regulate your monthly flow as well.  You can also add crushed sesame seeds to a warm bath while taking this menstrual problems natural remedy to obtain the greatest benefit from them. 

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