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Menstrual Problems Natural Home Remedies


Raw Papaya

Young, unmarried girls often have menstrual problems.  These can consist of improper menstrual flow, and even a cycle that has stopped all together.  If this is the case, then you should try papaya as a great home remedy.  Raw papaya is especially helpful with these menstrual problems because it helps with the muscles in the uterus, helps to regulate and normalize flow and can even re-start your period. 

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Chickpea Plant (Bengal Gum)

A common menstrual problem is painful cramping.  Relieve this with the easy natural remedy of chickpea plant (bengal gum).  Run a warm bath and put the entire chickpea plant in the hot water.  You can also use this plant as an addition to a steam bath. 

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Marigold as Home Remedy for Menstrual Problems

If you suffer from menstrual problems, try making your own homemade infusion with marigold.  This home remedy was named after the Virgin Mary.  It is especially helpful when used to treat pain associated with a monthly menstrual cycle and can even help to regulate it.  Irregular periods are common in young girls when they are first starting to menstruate.  To make the tea, steep one tablespoon of the marigold flower with hot water, then remove.  Drink the remaining liquid twice a day. 

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Banana Flower

One of the worst menstrual problems is menorrhagia, or excessive menstruation.  This excessive bleeding is not only bothersome and uncomfortable, but is can be dangerous to a woman's health.  Combat menorrhagia with an easy natural cure of banana flower.  Simply cook the banana flower and eat it with one cup of curd.  This is effective because it increases the amount of progesterone in the body and stops the excessive bleeding. 

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Coriander Seeds

Menorrhagia or excessive bleeding is a common menstrual problem.  This can be helped by trying the great home remedy of coriander seed.  You should boil six grams of coriander seeds with a half liter of water.  While the mixture is boiling, be sure to watch the water level.  When it has been reduced to half, remove the pot from the heat source.  You can add sugar to the mixture to taste if you would like.  Allow the mixture to cool down slightly, but it should be ingested while still warm.  This is an excellent home remedy for the menstrual problem of excessive bleeding or menorrhagia. 

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Mango Bark

Juice from fresh mango bark is wonderfully effective when used as a natural remedy for menorrhagia, or heavy bleeding during menstruation.  This menstrual problem can be treated with this great natural remedy.  Simply mix the juice with an egg or other vegetable glu (something from a plant would work), and it should be no more than the size of a poppy kernel.  If you wish to use a different way to partake in this remedy, mix ten milliliters of the bark with one hundred and twenty milliliters of water.  Drink this mixture in one teaspoon doses every hour until bleeding has subsided or reached a normal level.

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