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PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Natural Home Remedies


Diet for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 

One way to cure many infections and keep future infections from attacking the body is to eat healthy and treat your body like a temple. This is the best natural home remedy for pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. Many Americans eat a poor diet known as the Standard American Diet or SAD for short. This diet has been proven to harm one’s body instead of giving it the nourishment it needs. A wonderful doctor named John McDougall, MD, found that many countries such as Asia and Central America are much   healthier overall than we are here in America. He discovered that people in Asia and Central America tend to live longer and healthier lives compared to us Americans. These people also looked younger than most Americans and tended to be far more physically fit. Dr. McDougall first made this discovery while working on a plantation in Hawaii while tending to the Japanese farm workers. He noticed that the older generations that ate more traditional Japanese foods were healthier and less sick than the later generations that were eating the western diet. When looking at these people’s diets he discovered that the Japanese workers who ate more traditional foods were eating many grains, starches, corn, and potatoes with little or no animal products. He also discovered that these people made all their meals from scratch and used little or no processed foods. This made him wonder if the solution to most or all of the illnesses found in the industrialized world could be related to the food that we eat. He started researching this idea and found proof that it was as simple as he presumed. So he created a diet based around eating vegetables, whole grains and starch. He was convinced that this healthy diet could virtually solve all if not most of our health problems. Once he finished his work he called it the Starch Based diet program. This program was created as a reflection of the traditional diets in the countries of Asia and Central America. He felt that everyone can benefit from this wonderful healthy diet. You can find out more about this diet at www dot drmcdougall dot com. Read more about Natural Diet for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.




One way to prevent yourself from getting PID and to strengthen your immune system is by drinking plenty of Echinacea tea on a regular basis. This is a natural herb that has been proven to help the immune system fight off all sorts of infections including PID. It can also help your body fight off the bacteria that causes PID so that you don’t start to develop it. Drinking the tea while you have PID is another great idea because it will halt the growth of the bacteria.  Echinacea is a marvelous healing herb that can truly help to strengthen your immune system as well.



Taking probiotics daily will help your body fight off harmful bacteria that may cause PID and other infections of the body. Probiotics can also help your body heal itself when you do have PID, by stopping the growth of the bacteria that causes PID. This home remedy will certainly do the job of preventing and healing PID.


Flax Seed Oil

Omega 3 fatty acids are proven to be anti-inflammatory.  Take flax seed oil to get this as it is much better than fish oil without the mercury and all the other contaminants that plague our ocean’s fish.


Optional Pain Relief

Ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are very dangerous especially over the long haul.  Go here to read about this and also read about a number of other excellent Natural Pain Relief Methods.



When you have PID you have to take care of it as soon as you find out that you have it. The way to cure this infection is by taking care of your body and that means changing your life style. It is very important to eliminate unhealthy habits from your daily life such as smoking, too much caffeine, processed foods and alcohol. This is not an easy job for anyone to do, but it is well worth the positive outcome you will see once you begin to feel better and have little or no pain!.


Hot Cold Bath Home Remedy

Having pelvic inflammatory disease means that you are probably suffering with tremendous pain. To relieve the pain I suggest taking a bath in hot and cold water as I will further explain. In this remedy you will need two bath tubs or a kiddy pool like container. Fill one tub up about ten inches deep of cool water that is around fifty five degrees and fill the other tub up fifteen inches deep with water that is around one hundred and five degrees. After you have filled both tubs with the appropriate depth and temperature sit in the cool bath first for thirty seconds then move to the warm bath and sit for three minutes. Then go back to the cold bath for another thirty seconds. The difference of temperatures of the two baths should contrast each other and over ride the nerve signals giving you relief from the pain.


Refrain from Sex

Having unprotected sex during a woman’s menstrual cycle can cause PID or make it worse if the woman already has it. I have read that the male partner can actually contract it as well. Avoiding sex during a menstrual cycle is the best option so that you can avoid getting PID and/or make it worse.



PID can be hard on the body and can even be life threatening and it needs to be dealt with right away. Part of the healing process is supporting your body as much as possible. That includes taking your daily vitamins and minerals to help your body’s natural functions. When fighting PID or trying to prevent it from occurring, I suggest supplementing your diet with Vitamin A.  Vitamin A is good at helping the body fight off bacteria that causes infections such as PID. Avoid excessive iron intake if you are battling pelvic inflammatory disease because it can make your condition worse. This is one of the best natural home remedies for pelvic inflammatory disease.



Having an IUD can be the cause of your PID or having one can cause it get worse. I suggest making an appointment with your gynecologist to see if the IUD itself is causing your pain. There are many alternative birth control methods that will not cause you pain.


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