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ADHD Natural Remedies & AlternativeTreatments



Food as Natural Alternative Treatment for ADHD

There are lots of reasons that one may develop ADHD.  When the body is overfed with toxic and poisonous sugars, it quickly becomes undernourished.  When the body is lacking essential vitamins and nutrients, it is difficult for the brain to function properly.  The average American consumes approximately one hundred and sixty pounds of sugar every year! No wonder our brains aren't properly working! People suffering from ADHD can greatly manage their symptoms naturally with home remedies like eating more whole grains, minerals and nutrients.  Typically, Americans eat about twice the calories that they need every day.  Those with the typical poor Western diet also ingest eight times the fat that is needed for the body to function and twice the amount of necessary protein. 

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Private School

One  ADHD expert recommends several simple ways to manage your child's ADHD naturally and effectively.  One of these recommendations doesn't have anything to do with the body or diet, but rather what is in your brain.  Instead of sending your children to a public school, move them to a private school.  While these schools tend to be pricey, they are no longer being educated by a government institution that is filling their heads with various brainwashing lies.  Another change to make is to consume a primarily macrobiotic diet.  Finally, do not allow your children to purchase lunch in the school's cafeteria.  It's too difficult to manage ADHD naturally through diet if you can't control what your child is eating.  Instead, pack them their own lunch to take to school each day.  By following these simple and natural treatment recommendations, you will quickly see a great improvement in your child's ADHD.

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To naturally treat ADHD effectively, be sure to follow a strict diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and low in processed foods and sugar.  In Addition to a healthy diet, ADHD can be naturally treated by Adding supplements to the daily diet.  For one year, ADHD glut-amine, ALC, PS, lipoic acid and CoQ10 supplements to your routine.  If you aren't already ingesting flax seed oil as a supplement, you should start immediately.  This oil is very high in Omega 3 fatty acids and these are essential for successful management of ADHD naturally without medication.  Individuals with ADHD are usually deficient in Omega 3s.  This is a very effective method of natural treatment of ADHD.

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Processed Foods

If you are trying to treat your child's ADHD naturally at home, be sure to be a good example.  A great diet for treating ADHD is a macrobiotic diet, but this can be difficult to enforce to children that were previously accustomed to eating primarily junk food and processed foods loaded with fake ingredients and sugar.  If you begin to eat the new, healthy macrobiotic diet, chances are your child will begin to eat the same diet as well.  Do not allow any junk food in the house.  If you want to effectively treat ADHD naturally and safely using home remedies and nutrition, then the entire family will need to participate, not just the child suffering from ADHD.  Even if not everyone in the family is suffering from ADHD, everyone will still benefit from a new diet that is full of wonderfully natural and beneficial healthy foods. 

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Whole Grains

While carbohydrates are very important and should be consumed to treat ADHD and its symptoms, be sure to pay attention to the type of carbohydrates you put on your plate.  Not all are created equal.  Complex carbohydrates include anything labeled as “whole wheat”, and can be found in whole wheat tortillas, breads and pastas.  While pasta, rice, candy, honey, sugar products and corn syrup are all examples of simple carbohydrates.  These should be completely eliminated from your diet and avoided at all costs.  These foods are bad for your body and also exacerbate ADHD symptoms and can make the disorder much worse. 

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Complex carbohydrates are very beneficial for the body and are essential for anyone suffering from ADHD.  Foods rich in complex carbs include vegetables and a few fruits (mainly kiwi, apples, grapefruit, pears, tangerines and oranges).  Insomnia is a common complaint from individuals that suffer from ADHD.  If this sounds like you, then you may be relieved to know that consuming complex carbohydrates at night can actually aid sleep. 

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are not only something that everyone should strive to get enough of, but it is imperative that anyone that suffers from ADHD get lots of Omega 3s in their diet.  Research has shown that people with ADHD tend to be deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids, and should aim to get lots of these essential acids in their diet.  Omega 3s can be found in canola oil, olive oil, Brazil nuts, walnuts, tuna, salmon, and other white fish (cold-water).  If you find that you simply cannot consume enough of these Omega 3s in your diet, perhaps you would benefit from taking your Omega 3s in a supplement form.  Both ways of getting Omega 3s are very beneficial for naturally treating ADHD. 

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Some ADHD experts advise that one of the best ways to treat ADHD at home is with a multivitamin and mineral supplement that is taken daily.  It's difficult to eat well, and it's especially difficult to eat well when trying to balance a busy daily life.  While ADHD is best managed by diet and vitamins and minerals are best absorbed by the body when obtained from fruits and vegetables, taking a multivitamin is the next best way to get your essential vitamins and minerals.  Magnesium is perhaps the most important of the minerals.  It has a calming effect and cures a multitude of illnesses such as migraine headaches and high blood pressure.  It is known as the Cadillac of minerals because so many other minerals depend on magnesium to be assimilated.  The USDA estimates that 75% of persons in the USA do not even get the minimum daily requirement of this essential mineral. 



One of the best alternative treatments for ADHD are mineral supplements.  Instead of ingesting poisonous medication, try colloidal or fully chelated minerals.  Be smart about where you purchase your minerals.  Be sure to purchase them from a reputable health food store or online dealer.  Do not buy the cheapest minerals you can find at your local big box store.  Magnesium is the most important as a natural alternative treatment for ADHD.  A good source for a mineral complex supplement is from www dot youngagain dot com.  Look for a product called All Your Minerals.  It has more minerals than any other product you will find. 


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